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Animal controversy reaches Parliament: MP’s Daughter Leaves Crying

Animal controversy reaches Parliament: The Sandeep Reddy Vanga film starring Ranbir Kapoor Animal is admired and criticized in equal measure. The film’s poisonous and sexist nature is receiving criticism, and the debate has now spread to the Parliament. Ranjeet Ranjan, the INC MP for Chhattisgarh, recently attacked the movie for its content, claiming that her daughter sobbed as she left the cinema.

According to AajTak, Ranjeet Ranjan stated, “A movie is a reflection of society. We grew up watching it, and today’s youngsters are much inspired by films of this kind. Starting with Kabir and continuing with Pushpa, the film “Animal” is currently in theatres. It will be impossible for me to tell you how many college-age ladies were with my daughter. In their second year of studies. She started crying in half the film, got up, and walked out of the hallway.”

MP takes part in the Animal controversy

Animal controversy reaches Parliament: MP's Daughter Leaves Crying

“After all, there’s just so much violence, so much molestation of women,” she said. I dislike putting such stuff in photos. Observe ‘Kabir Singh’ and the way he treats his spouse, others, and society. His justifications are also depicted in photos. This is a really stimulating subject. These images of violence and the terrible roles that they portray have an effect on today’s 11th and 12th graders. They now view it as an example to follow. We witness this type of violence in society as well because we see it in films.”

In addition, she criticized the movie for using the song “Arjan Vailly,” adding, “The third is Punjab’s history.” Singh Hari from Nalwa. It has a song called Phad Ke Gandasi Mari. This has given a gang war—a conflict of hate between two families—historical significance. It looks horrible in the movie when he kills the hero in the college by using large weapons. He isn’t even being punished by law; this is all inaccurately depicted in the photo.”

Animal controversy Scene

She went on, “With regard to Arjan Valley, Arjan Singh Nalwa was the son of Hari Singh Nalwa, the supreme commander of the Sikh Force, who battled the British and the Mughals to halt their rise to power. In 1947, when all of India was united, he saved a great number of Muslims from Pakistan’s Guzara. This image portrays this excellent history incorrectly. Furthermore, this undermines religious belief.

Animal controversy Scene

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