All the Statements Travis Kelce Made on Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have undoubtedly swept the internet. They were both initially seen this week exiting the Chiefs game. The internet has subsequently dug out their histories and shared characteristics. In the most recent revelation, a TMZ video depicts the singer kissing Kelce after the games at a private party. The two-time Super Bowl winner had expressed his appreciation for Swift before they left in a “getaway car” following his Sept. 24 performance at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Back in 2016, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs revealed in an interview that he’d “kiss” Swift in a playful situation. Here is everything Kelce has said about the “Anti-Hero” singer since romance rumours started, including his admission that he “sure as hell” loved this past weekend when Swift was photographed in his suite at the stadium.

Travis Kelce once said he would ‘kiss’ Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce

Years before the Chiefs player and Grammy winner were linked in relationship rumours, Kelce was requested to participate in a game of “Kill, Marry, Kiss” while promoting his programme Catching Kelce. When asked on the Afterbuzz TV segment who he would choose from Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry if given the choice, Kelce begrudgingly voted Grande out first before declaring he would kiss Swift and marry Perry.

Travis Kelce made effort to meet Taylor Swift

Eras Tour Concert Film Taylor Swift

After being observed at The Eras Tour at Taylor Swift’s July 2023 stop in Kansas City. Kelce admitted he attempted to meet the “Lavander Haze” singer after the concert.

“She needs to conserve her voice for the 44 songs she sings, so I was upset that she doesn’t chat before or after her concerts”. Travis Kelce said on his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. Which he co-hosts with his NFL star brother. “If you’re familiar with Taylor Swift concerts, you may know that friendship bracelets are given out. I received a lot of them when I was there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one that had my phone number on it.”

He Thinks Taylor Swift Would Like his Moustache

Before the NFL season began, in August, Travis and his brother recorded a podcast episode where the Philadelphia Eagles player asked his brother a subtle question about the artist. After remarking that Travis had “brought back the moustache.” Jason enquired as to whether his younger sibling had “found out what Taylor Swift thinks” of the new facial hair. Travis smiled and said, “We’re not going to mention Taylor Swift in his episodeut. But something tells me she’s gonna like it.” To his brother’s laughter.

Taylor Swift Receives an Invitation from Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Cozy

Travis responded to the conversation in an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show as the rumours about what was happening between the two celebrities persisted. He said that by telling Swift, “I’ve seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead [Stadium],” he “threw the ball in [Swift’s] court.” You’ll have to watch me perform live at Arrowhead to decide whether one is a little hotter. Then he said, “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

Response from Travis on Swift Attending His Game

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Together

And sooner rather than later, the near future arrived! Swift attended Travis’ Sept. 24 game at Arrowhead Stadium only a few days after Travis made the invitation public. Cameras followed the musician, who was watching the game with his mother, Donna Kelce, in Travis’s suite. The two departed in his convertible together after the game. Travis talked openly about the fantastic event on his show a few days later.

He added, “I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend.” In an episode that was broadcast on September 27. Taylor gets a shout out for pulling up. Travis acknowledged, “That was pretty ballsy.” Then continued, “I just thought it was fantastic how everyone in the suite — the friends and family — had nothing but beautiful things to say about her. Everyone had nothing but kind things to say about her and she looked wonderful.

He went on to say, ‘To watch the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with Mom. To see how, you know, Chiefs kingdom was all pleased that she was there — that s— was simply comical and it was definitely a game. I’ll remember, that’s for darn sure’.

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