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Bobby Deol Fuels Cannibal Speculation in ‘Animal’

Animal, starring Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The public has already shown interest in Ranbir’s furious appearance in the movie. They are impatiently anticipating the release. However, when the trailer was recently published, fans were equally astounded by Bobby Deol’s persona. Fans are speculating that he will be portraying a gay character, and some believe he will be a cannibal. Nothing has been confirmed, however now a video that Bobby Deol is seen in offering a significant insight about his personality appeared online.

When questioned in the video about a specific moment from the teaser, the actor responds: “Something new, and I’m extremely happy that you can see that I look different. You want to know what I’m doing in that picture, but I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. There is absolutely food in there that I am consuming. the act of chewing.” Many people were stunned upon hearing this. In the specific moment, Bobby is opening a door while brandishing a knife. He is chewing and has a pretty ominous appearance.

Words by Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol Fuels Cannibal Speculation in 'Animal'

At the Jagran Film Festival, Bobby discussed working on the film Animal. “I had the best luck becoming a member of Animal; I have always admired Sandeep’s work. He is the only director to have attempted the same project twice and been successful. I want to play diverse roles and, as I’ve previously stated, I want to shatter stereotypes, face challenges, and experience extreme discomfort as an actor.”

Regarding the viral teaser image of Bobby Deol

In addition, Bobby mentioned the image that has gone viral from the movie’s trailer and said, “When I took that photo, I didn’t even see the monitor. We were eager to do the task at the time. When I originally watched the teaser, I was shocked to see the image and thought, “What? That’s me! I am overjoyed with the reception I received for this one photo. It only demonstrates that the audience wants to see me in a new role. They want to know what I’m doing in that picture, and while I can’t tell you, I can assure you that I’m eating,” he remarked.

A Reddit commenter published the interview tape and questioned whether the actor in the film portrays a cannibal. A Reddit user penned, “Vanga got no chill and literally cooked someone.” Another joked, “Bobby will actually gobble up all the performers in this movie.

Bobby Deol Fuels Cannibal Speculation in 'Animal'


The first track from Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal, Hua Mein, was released a few days ago. The film’s difficult relationship between Ranbir and his father, Anil Kapoor, was shown in the trailer. He is seen slapping his kid on the cheek after a heated fight with him. Ranbir appears in two different personas: the first is a young man, while the second is a figure who is feisty and rebellious. The movie will be released on December 1 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam cinemas.

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