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Pasoori Nu Controversy: Composer Rochak Kohli Defends

Prior to its release, the song ‘Pasoori Nu’ from the movie SatyaPrem Ki Katha faced controversy as it was revealed to be a remake of a popular Pakistani Coke Studio song. This sparked a negative response from both Indian and Pakistani fans, who joined forces in expressing their disappointment with Arijit Singh’s rendition, which originally featured Ali Sethi and Shae Gill.

Pasoori Nu Controversy

The original Pasoori received a lot of love last year, and the new version was not well received by internet users. The internet was inundated with derogatory remarks and meme fests just hours after the modified song was made public. Both the original and the remake, through love and hate, respectively, connected the two nations. The conversation concerning creative bankruptcy in Hindi film music over the past ten years has gained more traction because of this occurrence.

The reconstructed version, on the other hand, is authorized and was only developed after obtaining the rights from Ali Sethi. Pasoori Nu was written by Gurpreet Saini and Sethi, and revised by Rochak Kohli and Sethi. It was performed by Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar.

Composer Rochak Kohli Defends The Song: Deserves Less Hatred

Kohli discussed obtaining music rights and other topics with Moneycontrol. Edited passages of Rochak Kohli:

Why redo Pasoori? What were your intentions when creating Pasoori Nu?

Because Pasoori was the most popular song at the time, the producers decided they needed this song. They made contact with the creators and then went out and bought the song’s rights. Ali Sethi was entitled. Due to the nature of international contracts, it took about six to eight months just to acquire the song’s rights. Then, because Ali and I were formerly friends, I was given the assignment to replicate it. So I didn’t approach the music with competition when I was listening to it. There was absolutely no pressure on me to create a superior version. All I wanted to do was record my own rendition of the song.

According to a comment made by Shae Gill, she wasn’t even aware that the song was being remade for a Hindi movie.

Shae performed the original song well, but she is the performer on the track. Any paperwork will only be handled between the rights holder and the business acquiring the rights. There are many additional musicians that contributed to the original song. But when getting rights to a work of art, only the controller who now holds those rights will be contacted and included in the process.

This Song does not deserve so much hatred: Kohli

Pasoori Nu
Kiaryan Chemistry

What is the most crucial aspect to remember when performing a song, particularly with Pasoori?

Just like with my original music, I always put my whole heart and soul into a reproduction. If the music is from the 1990s, I must keep that in mind and add a 90s vibe to it since I cannot change the song’s spirit. Pasoori, however, is an exceptional situation because it is a recent song that is only one year old. Since the notion of reconstructing it was likely enormous, we were aware that there might be objections and that it would not be warmly received or readily accepted even before we began.

I believe that people should be more open-minded and should listen to the entire song before passing judgment. At the end of the day, it is only a song and does not need such harsh criticism.

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