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Vijay Salgaonkar Memes Resurge on 2nd October, Bollywood Fans React

Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary is celebrated today October 2nd, a beloved national holiday in India that has been ingrained in our memory since we were little. But in 2015, a fascinating event occurred that gave this anniversary a new level of significance. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood or not, you’re probably aware of the famous events that took place in the movie “Drishyam” on this day.

We follow the story of Vijay Salgaonkar (played by Ajay Devgn) and his family as they travel on an unexpected adventure in “Drishyam.” On October 3rd, they leave Panaji after attending a Satsang, enjoying Pav Bhaji, and going back home. This story gave rise to a well-known meme that reappears each October 2nd like clockwork. Some funny memes even humorously show Bapu, a phrase used to refer to Mahatma Gandhi, suffering a pang of jealousy as Vijay seems to steal his 2nd October thunder.

Grab a dish of Pav Bhaji (yep, change out the popcorn for something more relevant) and partake in the yearly meme ritual while remembering Vijay’s “perfect plan” to protect his family from being convicted of murder in the film.

2nd October Drishyam Memes

Vijay Salgaonkar Memes

Even after 8 years, Drishyam fans are still in a state of shock over 2nd October. Which played a significant role in the story. Again, this conversation is driving X users crazy.

“When Vijay Salgaonkar reminds you, it’s not just any day—it’s October 2nd.” A user noted.

“When Vijay Salgaonkar reminds you that it’s October 2nd, use the hashtag #Drishyampic.” October 2, 2023 — Disney+ Hotstar (@DisneyPlusHS)

Another user said, “Yaad hai na 2nd October ko kya hua tha.”

“October 2nd is tomorrow. One of India’s major days. Vijay Salgaonkar and his family visited Swami Chinmayanand Ji’s Panaji ashram on this day to participate in Satsang and left the next day. According to the third user.

The fourth person said. “I’m going to eat Paav Bhaji today, that’s the least I can do to celebrate a great movie like #Drishyam.”

“Guys, it’s October 2nd today. Remember? The fifth user commented, “Vijay Salgoankar and his family travelled to Panaji on October 2 and returned on October 3.

Drishyam Movie Plot

Vijay Salgaonkar Memes Resurge on 2nd October, Bollywood Fans React

Here is a quick summary of the movie for those who haven’t watched it. Sam, the son of IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu), covertly tapes Anju, Vijay’s daughter. Taking a shower at a school nature camp and attempts to extort Anju using the video. Anju inadvertently murders Sam while attempting to remove the evidence that may be used against her. This paves the way for Vijay, a movie buff and cable TV provider, to come up with a plan to teach every member of the family to lie to the authorities by saying they were in Panaji on the day Sam went missing (2nd October).

The police relentlessly question Vijay and his family throughout the entire film as they retell this made-up tale of a visit to Swami Chinmayanand’s Satsang on 2nd October (a Saturday). A subsequent hotel stay. A day at the movies. A Pav Bhaji lunch and a return home on 3rd October. Over time, Bollywood fans have taken a like to this fake account that was created to escape being arrested.

If you want to learn more about the plot, just pick up your TV remote and switch to the movie channels. It’s nearly hard to find an Indian entertainment station that isn’t now running “Drishyam” or “Drishyam 2” today!

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