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DroneX Pro Detailed Review: Features and How it Works

Most people aren’t quite comfortable shelling out that kind of money for anything related to a drone, particularly if they want to use it for some very complicated tasks. To assist you in determining if the DroneX pro is worthwhile, we took it upon ourselves to review it. Occasionally, the DroneX Pro is styled as the Drone X Pro. This drone has the ability to combine expert functionality with a smooth, user-friendly interface. Flying this drone in the air may be a lot of fun for you alone, or you can get your kids involved and have even more fun.

According to some reports, this quadcopter drone, which was conceived and developed by Hyper Sls Ltd, is among the best on the market for its price range. It could be due to its powerful powers combined with its futuristic appearance. For those looking to upgrade without breaking the bank or curious about how drones operate, the Hyperstech DroneX Pro is an excellent choice. Even the most seasoned drone operators will be drawn to this drone because to its abundance of cutting-edge capabilities.

How’s the Hyperstech Dronex Pro?

The drone’s attractiveness is one of the factors that makes the dronex pro stand out. One may say that it looks to be a copy of the Eachine E58, which is a version of the more costly and sophisticated Mavic Pro. Although this information may give the impression that the drone x pro scam stories you’ve heard are real, this design language is not always a bad thing. Having said that, the drone is foldable and has a metallic grey color scheme. It is not the heaviest drone, especially considering its price range. It’s actually rather light—weighing in at under 100 grams.

DroneX Pro Camera

DroneX Pro Detailed Review: Features and How it Works

It is evident that the element that most people find appealing about drones is their built-in camera, and the Drone X Pro’s camera is one of the best. You have the ability to see the world from various angles. According to the makers, the Drone X Pro gives you the option to choose between two cameras. The drone’s standard model features a 0.3MP camera, but you can upgrade to a 2M wide-angle HD camera with 720p. The Drone X Pro features a respectable camera, which is to be expected for a drone in this price range.

This implies that you shouldn’t anticipate using this drone to take photos or videos comparable to those taken by a Mavic Pro or any other high-end drone. You won’t likely obtain photos and films that are even somewhat on par with professionals. We discovered that the camera is fairly good. However, when you consider the cost of this drone, you will find that it is not a scam because it has a good camera that you can use for pleasure. It was quite enjoyable to utilize this drone’s function.

The Design

Drones that fold up like this one have a number of advantages. They are fantastic to travel with since, among other things, they are quite lightweight. It has brushed motors, as one would anticipate from drones at this price range. It will thus probably suffer if flown in windy circumstances, hence it should not be done. This drone does have some intriguing LED lights up front, but they might not be bright enough for you to fly the drone at night. Despite this, the drone X Pro is still not a fraud. This drone has a flying time of around fifteen minutes.


This drone is powered by a 3.7 volt, 600 mAh battery that slides neatly into the drone’s rear. It is suggested that you purchase several extra batteries in order to extend the duration of your drone flight, as we were only able to obtain less than 20 minutes out of the Dronex Pro. The remote control for this drone appears to be inspired by Eachine’s E58. The basic appearance of the remote control really makes it very easy to operate. Like with this Hyperstech dronex pro, it has buttons that make landing and taking off very simple.

How to use DroneX Pro?

DroneX Pro Detailed Review: Features and How it Works

The Drone X Pro should be easy to use if you have experience with drones. You shouldn’t worry if you’ve never operated a drone before because this equipment is quite simple to use. Before you can utilize the drone’s features, you have to switch everything on using the power button. The drone comes with a joystick controller that you may use to control its direction of flight. You may see the drone’s footage by connecting it to an Android smartphone. Using the app to control the drone is simple; all you have to do is adjust while seeing the footage.

Advantages and benefits

  1. Portability: The Hyperstech dronex pro review revealed that the drone is small and light, measuring about 6.2 inches.
  2. Flight time: Considering that most drones only have a 5 to 7 minute flight duration, it is amazing that a drone at this price range can give you over 15 minutes of flying time.
  3. Travel range: based on our observations from a handful of our Drone X Pro user evaluations, this drone has a range of 80 to 100 metres.
  4. Battery: Taking photographs and recording videos took up to 12 minutes of the selfie drone x pro review’s battery life.

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