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iPhone Photography Awards Winner: Non-Professional Hobbyist, 5 Years Experience

Despite being a prize-winning photographer, Iván Silva insists he is not a professional. The 37-year-old Silva was revealed earlier this month as the 16th annual iPhone Photography Awards’ Grand Prize Winner.

A shot of Silva’s young nephew celebrating Argentina’s 2022 World Cup triumph outperformed thousands of entries from around the globe, according to a post on the iPhone Photography Awards’ Instagram account.

Silva revealed that his family was on vacation in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico, a few days after the World Cup in December 2022 when the picture of his nephew standing on a truck was taken. Silva’s nephew, sporting a Messi jersey, stood on top of the vehicle in excitement while several members of the family were gathering wood for a bonfire, the man claimed.

Silva claims to have taken up photography as a pastime five years ago.

Silva, who is self-taught, told Insider that he started taking pictures as a “hobby” five years ago. He used YouTube videos, movies, and the works of other photographers to develop his craft.

Silva claimed that due to his rigorous career, he only has time to take pictures these days on the weekends or while on vacation. He claims to be employed by Mexico’s judicial branch and to have just given birth to a son. Silva also claims that although he initially used a traditional camera, he now generally likes using the camera on his phone because it is more “comfortable” and “easy” to bring along.

Silva stated that this was his first time taking part in a global photography competition. He continued by saying that he had previously applied to competitions in Mexico, but had “no results.” “My wife was taking a bath and I was watching the baby when I got the email telling me I won. I didn’t read the entire message since I was so excited. My wife was terrified and believed the baby had been lost when I shouted and told her I had won, Silva mentioned.

Silva claimed it took him around an hour to realize he had won the top award. Since at first he believed he had won the children’s category.

iPhone Awards

The competition also selects winners from a variety of categories. Such as abstracts, animals, architecture, and children, as displayed on the contest website. In addition to the grand prize and the three runners-up. Since the competition is accessible to all iPhone users, the majority of submissions are amateur. A spokeswoman for the iPhone Photography Awards told Insider.

According to the spokesman, Silva’s image was picked because it perfectly reflects the aspiration, hope, and dreams of youth. “So many kids resonate with his hero, Lionel Messi. Who came from very difficult circumstances but became the best,” they continued. “The hope he embodies is the biggest gift one human can give another.”

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