ICC Reschedule World Cup 2023 India vs Pakistan Match

The highly anticipated and much-awaited showdown between cricket rivals India and Pakistan, scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad, has undergone a revision in its fixture by ICC. The clash has been strategically advanced by a day, now set to electrify fans on the exhilarating date of October 14. Similarly, India’s concluding league match against the Netherlands, which is slated to unfold in Bengaluru, has been tactically rescheduled, providing an extended build-up as it now occupies the date of November 12. Consequently, a ripple effect emerges, impacting the scheduling of England’s encounter with Afghanistan in Delhi. This thrilling encounter, originally slated for Saturday, October 14, has gracefully shifted its spotlight, ensuring that cricket enthusiasts can indulge in the high-octane showdown a day later, on the captivating Sunday, October 15.

ICC Reschedules World Cup 2023

India’s last league encounter against the Netherlands in Bengaluru has been put back a day to November 12. The mega match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad has been moved up a day to October 14. These are a few of the nine modifications made to the tournament schedule that the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed on Wednesday. The announcement, which has been delayed, comes with less than two months till the event begins on October 5 in Ahmedabad.

It has been learned that the schedule change was necessary because of two important matches. The England-Pakistan match was in Kolkata and the India-Pakistan match in Ahmedabad. It coincided with religious celebrations known as Kali Puja and Navratri in the respective cities.


One can understand why police officials informed the planners that a change in dates was advised since large-scale events and World Cup games. Both of which involve Pakistan, and require proper protection.

The BCCI-PCB standoff over the Asia Cup locations. These began when the tournament itinerary was first released to celebrate the 100-day countdown. It had already caused a delay when India refused to travel to Pakistan to compete. The ICC and BCCI’s backroom staff had to modify the schedule while keeping in mind that each change in the date would have an impact on subsequent matches.

Rescheduled matches of World Cup 2023

October 10: England vs Bangladesh – Dharamsala – 10:30 AM

October 10: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka – Hyderabad – 2:00 PM

On October 12: Australia vs South Africa – Lucknow – 2:00 PM

October 13: New Zealand vs Bangladesh – Chennai – 2:00 PM

October 14: India vs Pakistan – Ahmedabad – 2:00 PM

On October 15: England vs Afghanistan – Delhi – 2:00 PM

November 11: Australia vs Bangladesh – Pune – 10:30 AM

November 11: England vs Pakistan – Kolkata – 2:00 PM

On November 12: India vs Netherlands – Bengaluru – 2:00 PM

With the exception of the highly anticipated encounter between India and Pakistan, eight other World Cup games saw modifications. India’s final group-stage match against the Netherlands will now take place in Bengaluru on November 12 rather than November 11. England’s game against Afghanistan in Delhi has been postponed from Saturday, October 14, to Sunday, October 15. It was done due to the change in the India-Pakistan match. The match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Hyderabad will now take place on October 10 rather than October 12.

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