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Steve Smith’s Catch to Dismiss Joe Root Evokes Memories of Cameron Green’s Controversial WTC Final Catch

During the Ashes 2023, an exciting moment unfolded on Day 2 of the 2nd Test as Steve Smith showcased his extraordinary skills by taking a stunning catch to dismiss Joe Root. However, amidst the excitement, a segment of fans raised questions regarding the legitimacy of Steve Smith’s catch. That Started speculating whether he had cleanly completed the catch while diving forward.

Smith’s remarkable athleticism and agility were on full display as he made the catch, leaving spectators in awe. Yet, some fans couldn’t help but scrutinize the moment, seeking confirmation of the catch’s cleanliness. The debate surrounding the catch added an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the already intense Ashes series, further igniting the passion and enthusiasm of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Steve Smith’s Catch Overview

On the second day of the second Ashes Test against England at Lord’s, Steve Smith made an incredible catch. After the visitors’ exciting victory in the Ashes series opener in Birmingham earlier in June, the Australian star came up with a diving effort in the final session to dismiss Joe Root and tip the match in Australia’s favor.

Running in from the square-leg area, Steve Smith leaped forward to catch the ball that had been hanging in the air for a while. Joe Root was put to the test with a bouncer by Mitchell Starc in the 46th over of England’s innings. The centurion from the Birmingham Test mishit a pull shot and grumbled right away. Knowing he hadn’t tampered with the ball.

Steve Smith's catch

Day 2 updates: 2nd Ashes Test

Smith was able to get his fingers beneath the ball despite it being a challenging take. Smith dove, but as his body impacted the ground, the ball sprang out. The former Australian captain, nevertheless, was able to maintain possession of the ball with his chest and claim the catch.

Waiting for the on-field umpires to make a decision, Joe Root appeared unimpressed with the effort. The catch was verified by third umpire Marias Erasmus, who ruled it out after reviewing several replays.

According to replays, Smith dove just in time to get his fingertips under the ball. Some fans, meanwhile, weren’t pleased with Steve Smith’s catch on social media.

The Lord’s fans actually booed the third umpire’s decision on the big screen to express their displeasure with it. However, Root had to make a 10-foot walk back.

Root didn’t take advantage of a pause since he was caught behind in Cameron Green’s over at zero. He continued to bat despite Green’s overreach though.

Following the tea break, England quickly lost three wickets as Australia’s short-ball strategy proved effective.

The Green’s Catch in WTC final

After Steve Smith’s catch, fans were reminded of Cameron Green’s contentious dismissal of Shubman Gill. During Australia’s victory over India in the World Test Championship final at The Oval in London earlier in June.

Shubman Gill’s edge was caused by Scott Boland when the inexperienced opener rushed forward at a length delivery. The ball struck Gill’s bat’s shoulder and went towards the slip cordon. On Day 4, Cameron Green, who was in the gully area, dove to his left and extended his left arm to catch the ball.

No question existed that Green had caught the ball in the air, but a dispute developed after TV replays revealed the all-rounder’s finger had touched the ground. The ball appeared to be touching the ground through Green’s fingers at certain angles of the playback. In an Instagram story, Shubman Gill posted a picture of Green’s grab, where it appeared like the ball had touched the ground.

Shubman Gill was declared out by the third umpire, who claimed to have discovered Green’s fingertips below the ball when it struck the ground. The young opener had to make the long trek back because Gill was in shock and Rohit was upset.

When Cameron Green returned to bowl later on Day 4, the Indian fans in the audience made their feelings clear by booing him and chanting “Cheater, cheater.”


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