Biden: Israel’s Autonomy; IDF Prepared for Gaza Ground Invasion

When asked if the US was pressuring Israel to postpone a ground invasion in Gaza in the midst of the continuing war brought on by Hamas’ unprecedented strikes on Israel on October 7. US President Joe Biden responded that Israelis can make their own decisions. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Israel Defence Forces declared on Tuesday. That they were prepared to ‘invade’ Gaza about 19 days into the battle. Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, head of the IDF’s armed forces, declared, “I want to be clear, we are ready to invade.”

“At this point, we have more time to improve and take advantage of every minute to be more prepared because of tactical and strategic factors.” The IDF head said that the army was now debating with the national leadership the precise date of the ground assault.

Updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict; Gaza

Biden: Israel's Autonomy; IDF Prepared for Gaza Ground Invasion

1. On Tuesday during a high-level conference, the UN demanded a cease-fire in Gaza. The UN secretary-general is unfit to lead the UN, according to Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan. Who also rejected the demand. Erdan said that the UN secretary-general has no comprehension of the “campaign of mass murder of children, women, and the elderly.”

2. In response to calls for “proportionality” in Israel’s reaction to the Hamas attack. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen questioned, “How can you agree to a cease-fire with someone who swore to kill and destroy your own existence?”

3. The foreign minister declared that “total destruction to the last one of the Hamas” would be the appropriate reaction to the October 7 attack.

4. After rocket launches from Syria into Israel on Wednesday, the Israeli military claimed that its planes had destroyed mortar launchers. And equipment belonging to the Syrian army.

5. The Israeli military claimed to have carried out a drone strike in Jenin, West Bank, during skirmishes with armed Palestinians. As the conflict continues.

6. Regarding the Gaza incursion, the Israel Defence Forces said that several terrorists from Hamas were discovered coming out of a tunnel on the Gaza shore while they were trying to enter southern Israel by water. According to the IDF, the tunnel and a weapons storage facility utilised by Gaza-based terrorists were indeed both destroyed.

7. “If your will is to live in peace and to have a better future for your children. However, do the humanitarian deed immediately and share verified and valuable information about hostages being held in your area.” The Israeli military has indeed promised financial rewards to Gaza Strip residents. Who provide any information about hostages being held.

Gaza Grapples with Food Shortage Amid Israeli-Hamas Conflict

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