Japan Airlines Jet Catches Fire in Quake-Relief Plane Collision

Five passengers lost their lives in a Tuesday accident between two aircraft at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. Japan Airlines and Airbus are both involved in the inquiry. Meanwhile, the number of fatalities from the earthquake that struck western Japan on Monday has increased to 57.

New Updates on the Japan Airlines Disaster

Investigation into the crash is ongoing: According to an airline spokesman, Japan Airlines is cooperating with the inquiry to ascertain the cause of the fatal collision between a Japan Airlines Airbus A350 and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft. The first investigations indicate that the pilots of the Japan Airlines flight did not see any other aircraft on the runway before landing, however, the inquiry is still underway. The company that makes Airbus says it will send a team to assist with the incident investigation on Tuesday.

Japan Airlines Jet Catches Fire in Quake-Relief Plane Collision

Five crewmen aboard the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) jet that crashed into the Japan Airlines plane died while providing earthquake relief; the commander of the JCG plane is critically injured. The Coast Guard aircraft was scheduled to arrive in Niigata Prefecture to support relief operations following the earthquake.

Twelve or more passengers were hurt. After the Japan Airlines aircraft 516 caught fire, seventeen people were hurt, and four of them were hospitalized. They did not disclose any further information about their injuries. The majority of the flights have been canceled and over 100 fire engines have been sent to the area of the incident.

Death toll from earthquake rises. There are now 57 fatalities reported from the 7.5-magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan’s west coast on Monday. On Monday afternoon, an earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in the central prefecture of Ishikawa, causing buildings to collapse, fires to start, and tsunami warnings to be sent as far away as eastern Russia.

Japan Airlines Jet Catches Fire in Quake-Relief Plane Collision

After the earthquake, the Noto Peninsula was damaged

Following Monday’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake, more than 30,000 people are in evacuation shelters. And over 45,000 houses in Ishikawa Prefecture are without electricity. The earthquake indeed resulted in significant damage to buildings and roads, prompting tsunami warnings in six prefectures. According to a government official, Wajima City, Shika Town, and Anamizu Town are thought to have sustained the worst damage.

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