Luxury Cruise Ship with 200+ Passengers Stuck in Greenland

The local police have started an inquiry into the luxury ship that grounded four days ago off the coast of Greenland. The luxury cruise’s mud-stuck situation in a remote section of the Arctic island will be investigated by the authorities. An onboard police investigator is interrogating the crew as part of the inquiry to learn about any potential offenses that may have taken place on the boat. The cops informed Bloomberg that no one has been charged or detained as of yet.

All efforts to release the stranded boat over the past four days have been fruitless. On Monday about noon, the Ocean Explorer got stranded. Three efforts have been made to release the vessels thus far. They all failed.

The ship was supposed to be taken out on Wednesday, but due to high tide, the operation failed. Passengers who are stranded are safe and experience no problems. One shipboard pair did, however, test positive for COVID-19. They were separated from the other passengers, and as of right now, none of them is experiencing any health issues.

Around 200 individuals are aboard the ship, the majority of them are Australian. It is located in the Alpefjord, some 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) northeast of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, trapped on the murky seabed. The nearest navy warship is en route to assist with the rescue effort. But because of the severe weather, it had to slow down. But because of the severe weather, it had to slow down. Additionally, it is anticipated to arrive at the scene on Friday evening, which is later than anticipated.

Luxury Cruise Ship with 200+ Passengers Stuck

Tourism danger is rising in Arctic regions like Greenland

The vessel’s predicament and the delay in assistance underscore the risks associated with visiting Arctic regions. In such areas, the distances are great and assistance is sometimes days away. The opportunity to see endangered animals like polar bears and the breathtaking beauty of icebergs, however, draws an increasing number of visitors.

At least twice, the ship had attempted to exploit the high tide to float clear on its own. However, the boat is being kept intact by a powerful suction that is being created by the mud, which is made up of silt, sand, and gravel. Greenlanders were quick to point out that the fjord’s green water was a surefire warning sign of glacier muck that a native seaman would know to avoid on internet discussion boards.

Luxury Cruise Ship with 200+ Passengers Stuck in Greenland

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