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Pakistani Woman Embraces Hinduism, Prefers to Stay in India

The Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider, Who fell in love with Greater Noida resident Sachin Meena through the online gaming platform PUBG and later crossed various international boundaries ”illegally” to live with him, has been hogging the media spotlight lately. The police detained Sachin Meena, 25, and Seema, 30, on July 4. Sachin was arrested for harbouring the illegal immigrant while Seema was accused of entering India illegally. The four children Seema brought into India illegally and without a valid visa through Nepal to live with her lover Sachin were all under the age of seven.

On Friday, a court in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, granted the two bail.

The couple and Seema Haider’s children started residing together in a leased flat in Greater Noida in July 2023 after Haider entered India illegally through Nepal. On July 4, they were arrested.

How Did Sachin and the Pakistani Woman Seema Meet?

The love tale between the duo is as captivating as a typical Bollywood potboiler. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the two fell in love with one another while playing the online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). They wed in March after meeting in Nepal earlier in the year.

After leaving jail, Seema told reporters about her experience and remarked, “It was such a long and difficult journey. I was equally terrified. I first traveled from Karachi to Dubai, where we endured an 11-hour wait while being unable to sleep. After that, we took a flight to Nepal before traveling by land to Pokhara, where I met Sachin.

She later returned to Pakistan, and Sachin came back to India from Nepal. Seema, who claimed to be at odds with her husband, traveled to Pakistan, sold a plot for 12 lakh Pakistani rupees, and then she and her four children booked flights and obtained visas for Nepal.

She traveled from Dubai to Nepal in May, where she spent some time at the popular tourist destination of Pokhara. She then rode a bus from Kathmandu to Delhi and arrived in Greater Noida with her kids on May 13 after Sachin had made plans for her to remain in a leased flat there without telling anyone.

How Did the Story of Their Love Emerge?

After they were detained on July 4, their cross-border love tale came to an end. Seema stated that she will now concentrate on the paperwork to make her migration to India legal after receiving bail from the court. She added that she did not want to return to Pakistan because of the strict laws governing women there and a potential threat to her life.

Seema stated, “I have come to India of my own free will for the sake of love; no one has brought me here by coercion.”

The Pakistani Woman stated in a BBC interview that she would rather commit suicide or ingest poison than go back to her native country. Seema further disclosed that she had been compelled at a young age to wed her Pakistani husband Gulam. Her Husband works in Dubai. At his turn, grocery shop employee Sachin stated that he only wanted to reside in Greater Noida with Seema and her kids. The pair added that they would speak with solicitors to learn how to legalize her presence in India. Seema declared she would embrace Hinduism. According to Sachin, they would soon take a plunge in the revered Ganges together before she started their new voyage.

A Turn in the Love Story of Sachin and Seema

The Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider's Husband

Gulam Haider, Seema’s husband, who resides in Saudi Arabia, has added a twist to their love tale. He pleaded with the Indian government to assist him in finding his wife (the Pakistani Woman) through a video message. He claims in the video that he learned about his wife and kids’ location in Noida through Indian media.

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