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PM Netanyahu Visits Gaza Amid War, Assures Troops Unstoppable

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Gaza for the first time since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7. Reports state that Israeli troops were informed by Prime Minister Netanyahu during the visit that Israel will not give up until it prevails.

In video footage released online by his office, he was heard stating. “We continue until the end until victory.” During his first trip of this kind since the conflict started on October 7. “Nothing will stop us, and we are convinced that we have the power, the strength, the will, and the determination to achieve all the war’s goals, and we will,” AFP stated.

In the meantime, as part of a third round of prisoner releases under a cease-fire agreement, Hamas gunmen released 17 additional detainees on Sunday, including 14 Israelis. As part of the agreement, Israel intended to release 39 Palestinian inmates later on Sunday. On Monday, the final day of the four-day cease-fire between the foes, a fourth exchange is anticipated. There will be a release of 150 Palestinian captives and 50 hostages overall.

Gaza War

After Hamas carried out a cross-border attack on October 7 that resulted in almost 1,200 deaths and 240 hostages, Israel declared war on the organization. Over 13,300 Palestinians have died as a result of an Israeli onslaught in Gaza, according to health officials in the region controlled by Hamas.

Israel PM Visits Gaza

The US, Qatar, and Egypt mediated the four-day cease-fire, which started on Friday. At least fifty Israeli captives will be released by Hamas, while 150 Palestinian inmates will be released by Israel. They’re all minors and ladies.

Israel has promised to swiftly begin its attack if the ceasefire expires. But it has also stated that the ceasefire maybe extended by one day for every ten captives that are freed. “With all sides on the possibility that this deal gets extended to additional hostages beyond the initial 50.” According to Sullivan, the US is reportedly working.

The 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza, are still suffering from constant Israeli shelling that has destroyed residential areas. Forced 75 percent of the inhabitants from their homes, have seen some reprieve during the break. Additionally, terrorists in Gaza stopped firing rockets into Israel.

Palestinians in northern Gaza, the offensive’s focal point, returned to the streets sick of war. Airstrikes in and around Gaza City have destroyed entire city blocks, hollowing outbuildings and leaving heaps of rubble behind.

PM Netanyahu Visits Gaza Amid War, Assures Troops Unstoppable

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