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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce after 4 years: Reason revealed

According to reports, Joe Jonas attempted to “save” his four-year marriage to Sophie Turner before he officially filed for divorce on Tuesday, claiming that their union was “irretrievably broken.” According to a TMZ story, the Game of Thrones actor’s partying contributed to the singer’s filing paperwork on Tuesday in Miami, Florida, requesting the divorce of his marriage to Sophie.

Why Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting divorced

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, according to an informant who spoke to TMZ about the breakup, had “different lifestyles,” with Joe preferring to “stay at home” and Sophie enjoying going out. He prefers to remain in, while she enjoys going out, according to the source. They lead extremely dissimilar lives.

Joe Jonas requested joint custody

The ‘ironclad prenup’ that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner allegedly have is mentioned in his divorce papers, which TMZ was able to get. Willa, who is three years old, and an unnamed one-year-old girl are Joe and Sophie’s children. Joe is requesting shared custody of their kids, according to TMZ.

According to the site, Joe requests that a court set a parenting schedule between him and Sophie that permits “frequent and ongoing contact with both parties.” As per Joe’s divorce papers, the children have been living with him in Miami. And “other locations throughout the United States,” the article said.

According to reports, Joe has been looking after the kids pretty much nonstop for the past three months. To put it another way, he has been carrying them along with him on the current Jonas Brothers tour. He could want substantially more than 50% physical custody when it comes to a custody agreement, and according to TMZ sources, that’s possible.

In Joe’s filings, the topic of child support is also covered. And he apparently wants both parents to provide for their children. Additionally, he requests that a Florida court determine what is fair and take the kids’ health insurance into account when doing so.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner kids

Their prenup contract

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have not yet made any public remarks about their breakup. In July 2019, Priyanka Chopra, Joe’s sister-in-law, joined the couple in a grandiose wedding ceremony in the south of France. Where they had been dating since 2016. Additionally, information concerning Joe and Sophie’s prenuptial agreement is revealed in their divorce papers. According to a story by The Blast, Joe and Sophie had signed an “ironclad prenuptial agreement” weeks before their 2019 wedding.

According to the portal, Joe would ‘keep all revenues from the songs’ he and his brothers, Nick and Kevin Jonas. As well as his former band, DNCE, has written. Sophie is expected to retain “any residuals from her acting career” in addition to the money she earned from appearing in eight seasons of the popular television series Game of Thrones.

Early in August, Joe and Sophie allegedly sold their Miami house for an estimated $15 million. It made them a $4 million profit after buying it in 2021. It is unknown where they have been residing since or whether they jointly own any additional homes.

Details concerning the separation of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting divorced after 4 years of marriages

According to Page Six, Joe made the choice as a “last resort” after experiencing months of “unhappiness.” Joe Jonas “never wanted to split up his family. But he had to do what he thought was best for his girls.” A person who talked with the site said. He and Sophie were experiencing it this year, and the fact is that an unhappy household isn’t a home. Joe eventually felt that he had exhausted all possibilities to save the marriage as it only kept getting worse.

Just two days after it became known that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were having relationship difficulties. The couple’s divorce was announced. But Joe wore his wedding band when performing at a recent Jonas Brothers event in Texas. As recently as three weeks ago, Sophie posted on Instagram to celebrate going to the Jonas Brothers performance in New York. Where she held hands with Joe, wore bracelets with his name, and sobbed as he serenaded her. At the time, the couple looked to be a stable unit.

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