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The Originals star Danielle Campbell gets engaged to her long-term boyfriend Colin Woodell

The Originals Danielle Campbell and her long-term companion, Colin Woodell, have announced they are getting engaged. The couple have been together for almost 10 years and fans are thrilled to see them embark on a new chapter in their love story.

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell: From The Originals to Engagement

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell are ready to tie the knot after nearly a decade of consistent dating. The couple announced their happy news on social media, posting a series of happy pictures with the caption “You and Me”. In one photo, Woodell lifts Campbell into the air against a backdrop of mountains and meadows. Another photo shows the couple’s excitement in the form of a selfie, with Campbell showing off her newly adorned engagement ring.

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell in The Originals

Davina and Aiden

Warm Wishes from The Originals Co-stars

Amidst an atmosphere of joy and celebration, heartfelt wishes poured in from both friends and colleagues for Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell on the occasion of their engagement. The newly betrothed couple found themselves enveloped in warm regards from fellow actors who were quick to join in the festivities. Notably, former cast members of the acclaimed television series “The Originals” took the comment section in expressing their uncontainable happiness and unwavering support.

Phoebe Tonkin, Claire Holt, and Riley Voelkel, names familiar to fans of the supernatural CW series, echoed sentiments of joy as they extended their heartfelt congratulations to the radiant pair. With a shared history forged through their work on “The Originals,” these individuals highlighted the depth of the connections they had nurtured during their time together on the captivating show. This engagement not only marks a new chapter in the lives of Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell but also serves as a testament to the enduring bonds formed amidst the magic of the entertainment industry.

Exploring the Romance of Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell

Delving into the intricacies of Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell’s relationship unveils a story that, while largely shrouded in privacy, occasionally unfolds its tender chapters on the canvas of social media. Beyond the confines of their personal lives, the couple offers glimpses into their journey, hinting at the depth of their connection through carefully curated moments shared online.

Scanning through their respective social media profiles, one can discern the delicate brushstrokes that adorn the portrait of their bond. These strokes come in the form of endearing commemorations, such as the sweet remembrance of their anniversary, etching a snapshot of their shared milestones into the digital tapestry.

Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell Engagement

Yet, the story doesn’t merely reside within the digital realm; it materializes in the real world too. As if to bridge the gap between their private moments and the public eye, Danielle Campbell’s presence on Colin Woodell’s arm at the red-carpet affair for his film “Ambulance” speaks volumes. Her poised support and radiant aura next to him emanate a sense of unity, revealing an unspoken agreement to stand by each other’s aspirations and successes.

These public instances serve as subtle revelations of a relationship that thrives beyond the spotlight’s glare. Like the delicate unfurling of petals, each shared experience, whether attending events arm in arm or simply being present in each other’s lives, adds layers to the canvas of their story. While the couple may choose to shield the majority of their narrative from prying eyes, these intermittent glimpses into their world echo with the resonance of genuine admiration, mutual encouragement, and the enduring warmth of their connection.

Colin Woodell’s upcoming projects

In addition to the exciting news of his engagement, Woodell has another project on the horizon.

Peacock has released the official trailer for the upcoming miniseries “The Continental”, starring Woodell as a teenage Winston Scott navigating the crime-plagued streets of New York City in the 1970s. The mini-series is a spinoff of the popular John Wick franchise, and follows Woodell as he makes his way in the industry. The action-packed show is set to air on September 22, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the incredible love story between Danielle Campbell and Woodell as they embark on their marriage.

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