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Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan Eyes Million Tickets, Challenging Pathaan and Jawan

The Madness is under way! Tiger 3 first-day box office numbers are rolling in quickly, and as more tickets are purchased, excitement among Salman Khan’s followers grows. Now is the moment when they will all do all in their power to gather in movie theatres to celebrate Bhai’s spectacular box office return.

Let’s examine the most recent and present state of the movie in relation to the benchmarks it seeks to surpass, namely Pathaan and Jawan starring Shah Rukh Khan. Both films were able to surpass the 500 crore milestone, and Sallu fans are quite optimistic that Tiger 3 would do the same with ease. Is it feasible, though?

Prior to delving deeply into the potential figures, remember the day Tiger 3 is released. Since many people prefer to miss the cinema in order to attend the Lakshmi Pujan, Day 1 of Diwali has long been considered the weakest day for any movie. However, YRF has explained their decision, and it makes sense.

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif’s threequel, had less comfortable days than Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan & Jawan. If most of the audience skipped the watch to day two, at least there were no rules against it. However, the Diwali release this year is accompanied by all those difficulties, just as Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan had eleven years prior. According to the data that have been leaked, Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 has already sold 500K tickets, and there are still 1.5 days left to go. Over 535,000 tickets have already been sold at national chains and standalone screens across the country.

In comparison to Jawan and Pathaan, how does Tiger 3 perform?

Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan Eyes Million Tickets, Challenging Pathaan and Jawan

Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, caused chaos when it first came out. Given that it’s a national holiday, Tiger 3’s Day 2 may provide a different situation. Atlee’s film had already sold over 800,000 tickets just one and a half days before to its premiere. Setting the stage for a huge opening weekend.

Pathaan, what about it?

When Shah Rukh Khan made his comeback four years after Zero, the excitement was undoubtedly amplified. However, YRF chose to release it on a Wednesday, January 25. Rather than on Thursday, January 26, which is a national holiday. A few days prior to the event, almost 650,000 tickets were sold out, indicating that the numbers remained relatively unchanged.

By the time of its release, over a million tickets had been sold for both Pathaan and Jawan. The latter was even said to have sold over 1.5 million, which produced the unprecedented day 1 total. The spot reservations for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. It will be crucial in establishing the foundation for Tiger 3’s first day at the box office.

Given the day of the film’s release, a million advance tickets for the Salman Khan-starring Tiger 3 would be an incredible amount. Sure, it could be smaller than Jawan and most likely on par with Pathaan. If it surpasses one million tickets sold, it would simply be a glimpse at the enormous day two numbers. For which Bollywood is yet unprepared.
Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan Eyes Million Tickets, Challenging Pathaan and Jawan

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