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Karnataka: 5 Skeletons Discovered of Family Missing Since 2019

5 Skeletons Discovered in Karnataka: In a terrifying incident straight out of a horror movie, authorities in Chitradurga, Karnataka found the skeleton remains of five family members. Police have identified the people as retired government executive engineer Jagannath Reddy (85), his wife Prema (80), daughter Triveni (62), and sons Krishna (60) and Narendra (57).

Police stated that only a forensic examination would allow for a conclusive identification and that an autopsy would be performed to discover the cause of death. According to authorities, their home has been locked since they were last seen in 2019, which was Friday.

One Room had four skeletons, while another had only one

Locals claimed the family members were solitary and suffered from serious health problems. During the house investigation, authorities discovered an unsigned, undated message written in Kannada. It suggested that the family was thinking about going all out.

The incident was reported to the police on Thursday. “We talked to the family’s friends and relatives. They all asserted that the family had severe health problems and lived a reclusive lifestyle. In June or July of 2019, the family was last observed. The home was locked at all times. A senior police officer stated, “About two months ago, someone saw that the main wooden door was broken on their morning walk, but they did not notify the police.”

Karnataka: 5 Skeletons Discovered of Family Missing Since 2019

The residence appears to have been broken into more than once, according to the police. One room contained four skeletons (two on the beds and two on the floor), and another room included a fifth skeleton.

To gather evidence, specialists from the Davanagere Forensic Science Laboratory were brought in. To make sure that no evidence is tampered with, the crime scene has been sealed. It’s unclear what specifically caused the death. It may be anything other than suicide. Our inquiry is only getting started. Only once the forensic examination and autopsy are completed will we be able to determine the cause of death,” the officer continued.

Victim Identification of the Skeletons Discovered

Home Minister G Parameshwara stated that he has requested that the police identify them and find out how long the neighborhood was unaware of their disappearance. “The samples have been submitted to a forensic science lab to determine the age and other data, and police are immediately on the scene. Additionally, details on the owner of the house and its previous occupants are being obtained. It is being looked into whether they were murdered or committed suicide. We are unable to comment till then,” the minister stated.

Recovered Note

Karnataka: 5 Skeletons Discovered of Family Missing Since 2019

Police found a note in the residence on Saturday, but they wouldn’t give anything away. “The investigating phase of the situation is still ongoing. The handwritten note’s contents cannot be revealed since doing so may jeopardize the inquiry. Furthermore, since it lacks a signature and a date, we would not regard it as a suicide note, Chitradurga Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Kumar Meena stated.

According to a police official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the letter implies that the five family members had made the decision to commit suicide. In a land dispute, the family was reportedly deceived by two individuals, who were mentioned in the letter.

The latest paid power bill and a 2019 calendar were among the household goods that police discovered at the home on Friday. These discoveries led the police to suspect that all five of the victims passed away in 2019. However, the precise date and cause of death would not be known until forensic tests were completed.

“We checked with the authorities to confirm the family’s power bills. And the last payment was made on January 13, 2019.” Then, after bills went unpaid, the electricity supply was cut off. Jagannath paid millions of rupees for Premakka’s medical care. Four kids were born to the marriage. Manjunath, one of them, passed away in 2014. The officer said, “The other two sons and daughters were single.

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