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Ind vs. Pak Asia Cup Match in Doubt: 90% Rain Threat

Ind vs. Pak Asia Cup: For cricket fans, the truth may occasionally be bitter and unpleasant. It seems likely that the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Group A game at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium. Which is 30 minutes away from Kandy, would be postponed, to put it mildly. For the past two days, Pallekle has experienced quite a bit of rain. And if the various weather apps are to be believed, conditions might become worse on Saturday (September 2), when India vs. Pakistan is set to take place. The match will likely not take place unless a miracle occurs because the meteorological service has forecast 91% of rain for Saturday.

Even the most optimistic person knows that expecting miracles of sunlight and clear skies in Sri Lanka in August-September is wishful thinking. Cricket games are infrequent over these two months for a reason. Even the expert ground workers at Sri Lankan stadiums find it challenging. To make a full match viable while it pours heavily. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board avoids organizing cricket matches during this time owing to the high monsoon season. As shown by the fact that just three of the 33 ODIs played at Pallekele so far took place in August or September.

So why is the Asia Cup taking place now? It was an impulsive choice. As soon as it became apparent that India wouldn’t receive official approval to visit Pakistan. The tournament’s intended solo hosts, the Asian Council had no alternative but to opt for a hybrid arrangement. Despite the weather forecasts, Sri Lanka had to host the bulk of the 2023 Asia Cup games.

What is the situation like right now in Pallekel?

pallekele international cricket stadium Ind vs Pak

The home team Sri Lanka is scheduled to begin their Asia Cup campaign against Bangladesh in a Group B. They encounter at the same stadium on Thursday. Before the India vs. Pakistan Group A fixture on Saturday. According to a source, there is a good likelihood that rain and a muddy outfield may cause the game to be called.

The ground team has had a difficult time getting the pitch ready because of the three days of nonstop rain and dreary weather. The playing field has a number of spotty spots. However, there is good news: early morning photos revealed brilliant sunlight. This game may pave the way for the highly anticipated Ind vs. Pak encounter on Saturday if the rain gods show mercy in the evening.

What would occur if Ind vs. Pak was called off?

The ground personnel will have plenty of time to do their utmost to ensure that a truncated game occurs since this is a 50-over match, which is the sole saving grace. Be ready for a 20-over match between the two teams if necessary and the weather Gods give in. However, if even that is not achievable, Pakistan and India will split the points. Since Pakistan defeated Nepal, the other team in Group A, they will automatically advance to the Super 4 stage. India must then defeat Nepal in their last group match in order to advance.

Asia Cup Ind vs Pak

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