Speak Now (Taylor’s Version): A New Perspective on Swift’s Album

Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

In 2010, Taylor Swift released her critically acclaimed album “Speak Now,” which marked a significant milestone in her career. The album showcased Swift’s growth as a musician and songwriter, as it was her first album without any songwriting collaborations. Despite initial skepticism and criticism from doubters who questioned her ability to create such mature and … Read more

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version): Will Taylor Alter “Better Than Revenge” Lyrics?

Many fans have been struggling with these issues ever since Taylor Swift decided to re-record her older albums, but now that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is almost here, they can no longer be avoided thanks to “Better Than Revenge,” The song is undeniably catchy and, at the same time, includes elements that some find misogynistic. … Read more