Islamabad on High Alert Following Pakistan’s Strikes on Iran

Islamabad on High Alert Following Pakistan's Strikes on Iran

After Pakistan launched strikes on separatist militants within Iran on Thursday, two days after Tehran claimed to have targeted the bases of another group within Pakistani territory, Islamabad is on “extremely” high alert. According to Reuters, a senior Pakistani security source warned that any more “misadventure” by the Iranian side would be handled with force … Read more

Iran Blasts Near Soleimani’s Grave; Over 100 Dead

Iran Blasts Near Soleimani’s Grave: On the day of the anniversary of the US drone attack that killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in Iraq, the country witnessed two explosive blasts close to his grave that left over 100 people dead and several more injured. The chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ overseas operations is buried in … Read more