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Sri Lanka Tourism: Offers Free Visas to India, China, Russia

Sri Lanka Tourism: Ali Sabry, Sri Lanka’s minister of foreign affairs, revealed on Tuesday that the cabinet had accepted a proposal to offer free five-month visas to visitors from seven countries: India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. Sabry said that as a pilot program, the free visa travel has started immediately and will last until March 31.

The goal of this action, according to Sri Lanka’s tourism ministry, is to draw more travelers to the nation. “We anticipate a rise in visitor numbers to five million in the upcoming years,” the ministry stated, as cited by the media in Sri Lanka. It is anticipated that this change would also save money and time when it comes to getting tourist visas.

The Ministry of Tourism declared last week that free tourist visas for visitors from five nations had been proposed during a Cabinet meeting. According to reports, Ministers of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry, Tourism and Lands Minister Harin Fernando, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles, and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Dinesh Gunawardena jointly delivered the cabinet document. According to the ministry, the Cabinet also suggested implementing an electronic ticketing system for the majority of the nation’s tourist attractions in the near future, as reported by local media.

Lanka’s economy is largely dependent on travel

Sri Lanka Tourism: Offers Free Visas to India, China, Russia

India accounts for the bulk of inbound tourists, which is an important source of income for Sri Lanka. The crisis-hit island, which has been struggling with persistently high inflation, unemployment, and a declining economy. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, is predicted to benefit greatly from the relocation.

The goal of the action is to draw more visitors to the island country. Media reports in Sri Lanka cited the ministry as stating. “Over the coming years, we are expecting to increase tourist arrivals to five million.”

The nation is looking for a change through Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism: Offers Free Visas to India, China, Russia

Chinese visitors came in second with over 8,000 visits, while Indian tourists accounted for over 30,000 arrivals in September. It makes up 26% of the total, according to government numbers cited by the PTI news agency. In addition, the Cabinet suggested implementing an electronic ticketing system. For the majority of Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions in the near future.

According to the statement, money and time spent on visa applications will be saved by the planned free visas and e-ticketing system. The event also occurred one month after Ali Sabry stated in an exclusive interview. With the news agency that Sri Lanka is attempting to establish stronger ties with India. In the areas of port shipping, tourism, power, and renewable energy.

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