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Dhruv Rathee Explains Why He Won’t Join ‘Cheap’ Shows Like Bigg Boss OTT Ever

Dhruv Rathee made it clear on Thursday that he will never take part in the reality program. He dispelled all the myths and reports circulating about his entry into the Bigg Boss OTT house.

Dhruv Rathee, a well-known YouTuber. He is well-known for discussing contentious, educational, and political subjects in his films, recently released a video that lasted 25 minutes and in which he finally broke his silence and addressed the persistent suspicions about his participation in the Salman-hosted reality program. Dhruv Rathee criticized the media in his video for disseminating rumors without completing any independent study. Even if he is handed a substantial sum of money. He continued, he will never participate in pointless shows like Bigg Boss.

Dhruv Rathee Brands Bigg Boss as a ‘Sadistic’ Show

After putting an end to the speculation around his Bigg Boss participation, Dhruv went one step further and continued to criticize the core concepts of the show. He offered numerous arguments against viewing Big Boss and discussed the drawbacks of watching such “sadistic” programs.

Dhruv urged people to avoid reality television programs like Bigg Boss. Saying that they focus on degrading and shaming the competitors and that repeated viewing of them can cause one to develop a sadistic personality.

The 28-year-old described Bigg Boss as a quick and easy way to gain fame and money, explaining that dramas and controversies are what shows like Bigg Boss merely feed on. Any contestant who does not engage in dramas, phony relationships, or fights is immediately removed from the show.

Dhruv Rathee on Elvish entering the Bigg Boss

Dhruv Rathee on Elvish

Dhruv also poked fun at his former internet adversary Elvish Yadav for competing on Salman’s Bigg Boss by playing an old video of Elvish in which he was heard disparaging Salman’s films as “crap” and “stupid.”

Elvish Yadav “has all the qualities that one must possess to win such nonsense reality shows,” Dhruv continued, calling him the ideal candidate for programs like Bigg Boss. He even continued by asserting his confidence in Elvish Yadav’s ability to win Bigg Boss. The Salman-hosted concert is now expected to conclude on August 13th after receiving a 14-day extension.

More Bigg Boss OTT 2 news

Bigg Boss OTT 2

While this was going on, in the most recent Bigg Boss episode. We saw that despite team A (Elvish, Jiya, and Bebika) winning the viral video task, none of the three were able to win the “Ticket to Finale” because Jiya Shankar and Elvish Yadav tied for first place. The Salman-hosted concert is now expected to conclude on August 13th after receiving a 14-day extension.

Bigg Boss History

Bigg Boss, an Indian reality television show, has a rich history that spans over multiple seasons and has captivated audiences since its inception. Anyway, the show, based on the international format “Big Brother,” first premiered in India in 2006. It is hosted by various prominent celebrities over the years. Bigg Boss brings together a diverse group of contestants from different backgrounds and personalities. They confined them to a specially designed house for several weeks.

Inside the house, they are cut off from the outside world and are under constant surveillance. The drama, conflicts, friendships, and emotional rollercoasters that unfold within the house make for compelling entertainment. With each season, Bigg Boss continues to create controversies, memorable moments, and unforgettable characters. However, making it a cultural phenomenon in the Indian television landscape.


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