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Nora Fatehi Reveals Why Filmmakers Avoid Her in Lead Roles

Nora Fatehi has firmly established herself as a renowned figure in the entertainment industry. She captivates audiences with her dynamic dance performances and unparalleled enthusiasm. Her introduction to the world of cinema was marked by her impressive role in “Street Dancer 3D,” where she shared the screen with notable actors Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. In an exciting revelation, Fatehi has hinted at the diverse genres of her forthcoming projects. She also showcased her versatility as an actress. Engaging in a candid discussion about the dynamics of the showbiz world, she boldly addressed the issue of limited opportunities for female artists, highlighting her concerns about the seemingly restricted chances given to only a handful of actresses in the film industry. However, her candid remarks shed light on the challenges and disparities that persist within the realm of filmmaking.

Nora Fatehi on Bollywood Casting Trends

Nora Fatehi is well-recognized for her breathtaking dancing sequences in numerous movies. She made her acting debut in 2020 with “Street Dancer 3D.” She adamantly insisted that her lack of dance ability does not prevent her from getting leading roles. Nora claims that famous Bollywood women have always been exceptional dancers.

She told the media, “I don’t think they don’t want to cast me because I dance. The most recognizable Bollywood ladies have all been talented dancers. They also do quite well in dance numbers, right? That was only a perk of having the status of a legendary heroine. I don’t believe that’s why it happened. I believe it has always been, um, whatever. It’s almost like, ‘Let’s see who will take the chance on her [on me] and if she delivers in all the categories, that is, acting skills, presence, aura, ability to express language skill,’ then we will all seize the chance. Therefore, I believe it came down to who had the guts to do it first and take a chance on me. I believe that was the anticipated outcome for everyone.”

Nora noted that the industry has grown extremely competitive. With just a few number of films being produced each year, when discussing the prevalent habit of consistently casting only a small number of women. Anyway, Today’s market is extremely competitive, she remarked. Let’s be practical. There aren’t many films each year. Additionally, it occasionally happens with filmmakers that they don’t think past the immediate situation. Therefore, if just four girls work in film, work in rotation, and are constantly given projects, the filmmakers will only remember those four and won’t consider anything else.

Her Upcoming Works

Nora Fatehi Dance

Nora also discussed her forthcoming project. She has been cast in Varun Tej’s upcoming Matka Telugu movie. The most expensive project in Varun Tej’s career is reportedly this movie, which is set in 1960s Vizag. In Jr. NTR’s 2015 Telugu film “Temper,” Nora made her first appearance and performed a dance number for the song “Ittage Recchipodham.”

However, Nora Fatehi will next be seen in the Riteish Deshmukh and Shehnaaz Gill-starring film 100 Percent. The Sajid Khan-directed film is slated to premiere in theatres this year.

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