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Ranbir Teaches Rashmika to Fly in ‘Animal’ Internet Splits

Animal by Ranbir Kapoor tells the tale of a violent father-son relationship. But what has everyone talking is his bond with Rashmika Mandanna, the movie’s female star. A clip from the music video for the love song “Hua Main” from the movie recently went viral on the internet.

Sparks ignite between Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor in Animal

Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor are acting together for the first time in Animal. On Wednesday, the romantic song from the movie “Hua Main,” which highlighted the couple’s searing chemistry, was released.

Animal Hua main Ranbir Kapoor Rashmika Mandanna,

The “Hua Main” music video has left the internet perplexed

The song’s music video has several intense kissing scenes and scenes of the couple taking off on a private aircraft. In one moment, Ranbir appears to be completely unconscious of the plane they are riding in while showing Rashmika how to fly it over a range of snow-covered mountains.

During the puzzling scene, Rashmika’s character is dressed in a gorgeous saree for their wedding after just getting out of the shower. In contrast, Ranbir shows up while brushing his teeth and wearing a towel. When he notices her, he leans in and gives her a tender kiss before grabbing her hands and leading her behind the jet’s wheels. Then, with a casual demeanour, Ranbir advises Rashmika on how to operate the aircraft. The internet is split about how they have oversimplified piloting a plane in light of this rare scenario.

Online Reactions

On X (formerly known as Twitter), a user shared a clip from the song with the comment “next 9/11.” After the article went viral, plenty of individuals commented on it with their own insights from the video. One commenter complained that the video gave them a Saanwariya hangover, and another joked that the actors think they are in a shared car.

Animal Hua main Ranbir Kapoor Rashmika Mandanna,

While a fourth user said that they are flying planes like kites, a third user remarked that it’s shocking that people are still selling such scenes. “Definitely next 9/11.”

Regarding Animal

Animal, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, also features Triptii Dimri, Bobby Deol, and Anil Kapoor in significant parts. The movie’s December 1 release date would conflict with Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur.

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