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Upcoming Streaming Movies of this Week

We’ve compiled all the noteworthy movies that is coming to streaming this week, whether you’re searching for visionary filmmakers reflecting on their own works, a selection of various horror films from recent years, or a documentary about one of the biggest video platforms out there. There should be something on this list that you’ll find interesting.

Asteroid City

Releasing on Peacock on Friday, August 11

Asteroid City is not only among Wes Anderson’s best works to date, but it also offers a beautiful yet heartbreaking peek into the director’s perceptions of his own works. The filmmaker is at his most contemplative in this television programme about the production of the play that serves as the movie we are witnessing, which is built upon layers of abstraction. It’s an exhilarating experience filled to the brim with his passion for the trade that also manages to knock you flat when you least expect it. It is unique this year and worth searching out for that reason alone. It seems strange that it is coming to streaming so soon after making a fortune at the box office, but any chance to watch it once more or for the first time is worthwhile.

Upcoming Movies: Bait

Release: Hulu on Wednesday, August 9.

Ever wanted to experience life in a small fishing community in Cornwall? Come on, we all know that’s what you’ve always wanted. You’re in luck because the movie Bait will give you the chance to do that because it relates the tale of what occurs when residents of a fishing hamlet have to deal with the possibility of being driven out by visitors.

Bones and All

Released on Prime Video on Tuesday, August 8

Looking for a love story with a cannibal theme? We have the movie for you, then! For those who aren’t as familiar with the horror genre, Bones and All might be more of an acquired taste, while frequent horror enthusiasts might find it to be a tad mild. Nevertheless, it still has a lot to be praised. In particular, the overall tone and visual style find beauty in the cruelty of two cannibals struggling to survive in the outside world. It may seem a little apprehensive, but it is still worth biting into.

Upcoming Movies: Cobweb

Release Date: VOD on Friday, August 11

The most recent horror movie on this list, Cobweb, comes next. The less said about this one, the better, but the gist is that a family starts to observe unusual things happening in their home. It focuses on a young boy in particular who starts to hear pounding noises coming from the walls themselves.

Upcoming Movies: Enys Men

Release: Hulu on Wednesday, August 9.

Enys Men, a horror movie that is incredibly silent but all the better for it, is another genre movie. The little that is known about it, the better, but the essentials are that it centers around a lady known as “The Volunteer” (Mary Woodvine), whose job it is to keep a daily journal about the activities of a hill on a remote island. This sums up her routine as she does her duties before dropping a rock into the earth and giving a brief radio report. What does all of this mean? There is a lot to explore firsthand.

Heart of Stone

Released on Netflix on Friday, August 11

Heart of Stone is a movie that we can only hope continues the trend of action pictures for streaming that make us wish they were in a movie about Agent Stone, played by Gal Gadot, who—yes, that’s her real name—seems to be the only person we can always depend on to save the planet from itself. Sounds like a really demanding job! Well, that’s only going to become worse when she has to prevent a specific, all-powerful object from getting into the hands of someone who will misuse it. Only time will tell if she manages to avert a catastrophe in this movie or if it just becomes one of its own.

Red, White & Royal Blue

Releasing on Prime Video on Friday, August 11

Red, White & Royal Blue, a romantic comedy, follows the transformation of two boys from wealthy families from enemies to lovers. Sorry if that gives away too much—it is based on a book, and the trailer pretty much lays everything out. In any case, if you enjoy romantic sloppiness on a diplomatic level, this is perhaps the greatest option available. It is one of the anticipated movies of the month.

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