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Flattering Fashion Tips for Hourglass Figure Dressing

The hourglass figure type, characterized by broader hips and a defined waist, is frequently linked to voluptuous sirens like Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe. If your waist dips inward at the sides, you can still have an hourglass shape even if you have a little extra weight in the centre. Look for styles that draw attention to your waist without adding extra bulk to your hips when purchasing apparel to complement your hourglass form. Then, experiment with various items to find ensembles you adore!

Finding Fits That Look Good on Hourglass Figure

Hourglass Figure

1. Shop for Waist-defining Tops and Dresses

Be on the lookout for tops, coats, and dresses that draw attention to your waist. Clothing that is fitted at the waist can help highlight your curves because an hourglass form is slimmest at the waist. Belted trench coats, fit-and-flare dresses, and peplum blouses are all very flattering tops and dresses that wrap around or tie around the waist.

Another excellent technique to draw attention to your waist is to wear a slim-fitting scoop-neck blouse tucked into a skirt or high-waisted trousers. Just make sure the bust of the top is a comfortable fit for you.

2. Don’t wear something overly tight or formless

Your figure will be swallowed up by loose, shapeless apparel, making you look boxy rather than voluptuous. Conversely, if your clothing is excessively tight, you’ll seem uncomfortable and it may highlight any regions of your body that are a little heavier.[2]
Instead, choose for clothing that delicately skims over your form because it will make you appear and feel more certain.

Wearing a form-fitting, yet not overly tight, garment composed of a supporting material like thick knits, denim, or stretch textiles may help you conceal any problem areas you’d like to lessen.

3. Choose tops with a V-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck.

It’s advisable to choose tops with necklines that create an angle or a curve if you have a larger chest, whether you adore displaying your bust or would rather keep your look more modest. A V-neck, for example, can be a terrific method to direct attention downward and toward your waist, making your bust appear smaller.

A boatneck top has a horizontal shoulder-to-shoulder cutout that accentuates your collarbone’s feminine curve. Although they frame your face and highlight your collarbone, scoop necklines might not reveal as much cleavage as V-necks.

4. Avoid clothing with excess fabric at the bust or hips

Do not dress with frills or pleats around your hips or waist. Adding additional volume to these places will make you appear heavier than you are, which might make your body appear disproportionate because your figure is already curvaceous.

Vertical ruffles on a blouse, which might help reduce your bust, might be an exception to this rule.
Additionally, since horizontal stripes might make you appear broader in these regions, you might want to avoid wearing them there.

5. Draw emphasis on your hourglass figure waist by wearing a belt

If you’re wearing a dress, top, or jacket that has any flow to it, a belt will draw attention to your waist even more. Depending on your personal taste, you might accessorize a flowing dress with a chic narrow belt or a chic trench with a strikingly wide belt. Wear the belt snugly over the narrowest portion of your waist for maximum impact.

A belt could draw attention to your larger stomach instead of the curve of your waist if you have one. In that scenario, think about wearing a cropped jacket or high-waisted bottoms to draw attention to the sides of your waist.

6. Wear appropriately fitted, supportive underwear for your Hourglass Figure

It’s particularly crucial to make sure your undergarments fit properly and offer the right support if you have a curvaceous physique. For instance, the straps and back of your bra shouldn’t irritate your skin while still gently lifting your breasts. Have your bra fitted professionally if necessary so you will know exactly what size is appropriate for you.

If you prefer full-coverage styles, seek for seamless ones when selecting underwear because they will assist hide unsightly underwear lines. To prevent lines from showing under your clothing, you can also wear thong pants.

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