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Lok Sabha Security Breach: Security Tightened with New Rules

Security breach at Lok Sabha: Strict procedures are implemented to limit interaction between Members of Parliament and guests. Following a significant security breach in the Lower House of Parliament. A report by NDTV claims that guests would only be permitted through the fourth gate. With separate gates designated for MPs, employees, and the media. It is true that following the breach, visitor cards are stopped, and it will take some time before visitors are permitted back inside Parliament.

In addition, the report stated that plans were in place to cover the visitor’s galley with glass. In order to prevent individuals from diving into the space. Along with a significant increase in security personnel, the authorities will also install body scan machines in the Parliament’s security apparatus. An article in India Today claims that the CRPF would oversee security around the outer ring. And that both Houses of Parliament will now have security directors.

A carefully thought-out plan

Lok Sabha Security Breach: Security Tightened with New Rules

According to sources close to the Delhi Police, the intrusion into the Lok Sabha was plotted by six individuals on Wednesday. Only two of the six received visitor cards, despite their desire to enter Parliament. “Security agencies are trying to find if the six accused were instructed by anyone. Or organization to breach Parliament security,” according to sources.

On Wednesday, the police took four persons into custody. Neelam and Amol Shinde were demonstrating outside the Transport Bhawan when Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan were taken into custody within the Parliament building.

The sources said that the accused outlined a well-thought-out plot to enter Parliament, albeit their motivations are yet unknown. “The six defendants were acquainted for four years. Sources stated that they devised the plot a few days prior and conducted reconnaissance.

Families are shocked by the Lok Sabha Security Breach

Lok Sabha Security Breach: Security Tightened with New Rules

The episode stunned the relatives of the accused as well; Manoranjan’s father declared that his son ought to be “hanged if he has done something wrong for the society.” The father also stated that the accused’s guest permission was provided by BJP MP Pratap Simha. Who happens to be their local MP with whom the family has a cordial connection.

Neelam’s mother, meanwhile, expressed concern over her daughter’s jobless. “We had communicated, but she never shared any information with me regarding Delhi. She used to tell me that it would be preferable for her to pass away because she is so well qualified yet unemployed.

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