Modi and Meloni: Indian Internet’s Beloved New Couple

Introducing “Melodi.” Narendra Modi and Giorgia Meloni, the prime ministers of India and Italy, were called “that couple” on Indian social media due to their apparent chemistry and relationship at the G20 conference over the weekend. Users posted recordings of Modi and Meloni chatting during the summit in India on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. The reels and videos were edited to make the two nationalist leaders appear to be dating. On Instagram, some have millions of views and tens of thousands of likes.

Modi and Meloni: All over the Internet

Modi and Meloni = Melody

Some of the videos showing Modi introducing Meloni have Bollywood music overlays and phrases like “When you finally meet your crush.” One compared their amicable exchange to a vintage video of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel avoiding Modi’s handshake. Another video depicted Modi, Meloni, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a love triangle in which Meloni betrays Narendra Modi and he exacts vengeance via exercise and yoga.

The Meloni-Modi chemistry, according to Indian media, “set the internet on fire.” The majority of the videos looked to be jokes, but other individuals claimed to really support the pair. (For what it’s worth, Meloni and her partner have a child. Modi was 18 when he got married, but he soon divorced his wife and kept the secret of their split for decades.)

You Need to Calm Down

Modi and Meloni: Indian Internet's Beloved New Couple

The “Melodi” relationship has geopolitical undertones. Modi is a hard-right politician who has come under fire for his support of Hindu nationalism and India’s regressing democratic standards. As Italy’s prime minister, Meloni has pushed a far-right agenda and downplayed the nation’s Nazi past. She is renowned for her populist appeal, much like Modi.

In March, they declared a formal strategic alliance between the two countries, and Giorgia referred to Modi as the “most adored” international leader at the moment.

Over the weekend, they also had bilateral discussions at the G20. And Meloni warned that Italy would withdraw from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Which is China’s leading infrastructure and investment initiative. The new India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. Which is co-chaired by Modi and potentially competes with the BRI, was also confirmed to have Italy as a partner.

Modi and Meloni: Indian Internet's Beloved New Couple

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