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Third Death Threat to Mukesh Ambani, Demands ₹400 Crore

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, received a third email threatening his life on Monday morning, demanding ₹400 crore as ransom. It is important to remember that this is the same sender who asked Ambani for ₹200 crore. In two separate emails on October 27.

“In three days, Mukesh Ambani got three death threats from the same email. Because Ambani did not reply to the earlier emails, the sender has now demanded ₹400 crores from him. In Mumbai’s Gamdevi PS, a case has been filed against an unidentified individual, according to police, as cited by ANI.

The Mumbai Police on Monday stepped up security at Ambani’s south Mumbai home in response to the murder threats. On October 27, Ambani got the first death threat, threatening to shoot him down if he didn’t pay ₹20 crore. “We have the best shooters in India; if you don’t give us 20 crore rupees, we will kill you,” the email said.

Death Threats to Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani

Sections 387 and 506 (2) of the IPC were used by the Mumbai Gamdevi Police to file a case against an unidentified individual in response to the security in charge of Ambani’s allegation. More research is being done. Mukesh Ambani got a second death threat via the same email account on October 28. The emailer increased his demand from ₹20 crore to ₹200 crore on this occasion. Citing the earlier email’s lack of response.

The Mumbai Police were reported by news agency ANI as stating. “Another email came from the same email account in which it was written. ‘U have not responded to our email now the amount is 200 crore otherwise the death warrant is signed’.” Ambani and his family have previously been the target of death threats. According to authorities, in 2022, an unknown someone however contacted Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in south Mumbai and threatened to blow it up.

A jeweler was indeed taken into custody in August 2022 after he reportedly threatened to harm Ambani and his family over the phone. A sports utility vehicle with explosives was discovered in the vicinity of Ambani’s “Antilia” home. In south Mumbai in February 2021.

Mukesh Ambani Family

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