Fans Link Olivia Rodrigo’s “The Grudge” to Taylor Swift

Olivia Rodrigo has a reputation for penning tunes that spread rumors. Although Rodrigo and Bassett have never really acknowledged or disputed if that is true, most of her whole debut album, “Sour,” was said to be about her “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” co-star Joshua Bassett. Now that Rodrigo’s sophomore album “Guts” is available, people believe that some of her songs once more make reference to a famous person. However, Taylor Swift is that celebrity this time. Fans think Olivia Rodrigo’s “The Grudge” Is About Taylor Swift

Why Do Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift Are Having Problems?

Some fans speculate that the song “The Grudge,” which is about Rodrigo’s inability to forgive someone who has mistreated her, maybe about Swift. When fans discovered sound similarities between Swift’s 2019 song “Cruel Summer” and Rodrigo’s track “Deja Vu,” rumors of a feud between the two celebrities initially started to circulate in 2021. In an April 2021 segment of Rolling Stone’s “The Breakdown,” Rodrigo acknowledged that Swift’s song had actually influenced her own compositions. I adore “Cruel Summer.” One of my all-time favorite tunes is that one, she gushed. I adore the vocal’s yelling quality and her harmonized shouts. Because they seem so dynamic and electrifying to me, I wanted to create something similar. In addition, Rodrigo immediately granted Swift authorship credit for her song “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back,” an interpolation of Swift’s “New Year’s Day.”

Emotional Dedication of Olivia Rodrigo Amid Plagiarism Controversy

The three authors listed for “Cruel Summer” — Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, and St. Vincent — were surreptitiously added to the metadata for “Deja Vu” on Spotify and Tidal in July of that year by Rodrigo. In addition, she retrospectively gave Hayley Williams, Joshua Farro, and Joshua Farro creative credit for her song “Good 4 U,” which fans had pointed out sounded a lot like Paramore’s popular single “Misery Business.” Rodrigo reportedly forfeited millions in royalties to Swift, Williams, and their teams as a result of the adjustment, according to Billboard.

Olivia Rodrigo in Writing her songs

Swift and Rodrigo seemed to be buddies before the event. Rodrigo has frequently mentioned that she is a longstanding admirer, and she wrote Rodrigo a handwritten message in appreciation after her debut single “Driver’s Licence” achieved enormous popularity. In June of that year, Rodrigo praised Swift to Variety, saying, “It’s so nice to be welcomed into the music industry and so great to be supportive of other women.” She once sent me a letter in which she discussed how one creates their own luck in life and how how one treats others always comes back to them. Swift’s name was added to the “Deja Vu” credits in July of that year.

Sour and Guts by Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo spoke candidly about the “Sour” songwriting credit changes in an interview. With Teen Vogue in October of that year. “I find it sad when people misinterpret statements and disparage the work of any young lady. But at the end of the day, she added. “I’m just really proud and happy to say that my job is being a songwriter.”

“Every piece of music is influenced by others. Naturally, all of my songs are first and foremost inspired by my heart and life. One morning in the shower, I came up with the tune and words for the song “Good 4 u.” The fact that music can be so greatly influenced by previously released music is what makes it so lovely, she said. “Every artist draws inspiration from artists that came before them. It’s kind of a lovely, enjoyable sharing process. Nothing is ever new in music. Each song has four chords. Making something your own is what makes it fun.

“Vampire” and “The Grudge” relating to Taylor Swift

Since then, rumors have circulated that Rodrigo and Swift’s relationship hasn’t exactly been blissful. Since “Vampire,” the first single from “Guts,” is a critique of a highly deceptive, double-dealer. Some fans even speculated that it was about Swift. When questioned about the rumors in an interview with The Guardian, Rodrigo stated that she was “very surprised” by them. She said that she doesn’t have any immediate intentions to reveal what her songs are about. “I never want to reveal the subject of any of my songs. In my professional life, I’ve never done it and probably won’t. “I believe it’s preferable to avoid pigeonholing a song to be about this particular thing.”

Is Taylor Swift the subject of Olivia Rodrigo’s song “The Grudge”?

Fans Link Olivia Rodrigo's "The Grudge" to Taylor Swift

Some specific words in “The Grudge” have led Rodrigo fans to believe that the song is about Swift. She sings, “I have nightmares every week about that Friday in May. One phone call from you and my entire world was changed.” Leading many to speculate that she may have gotten a call from Swift’s staff over the dispute over songwriting credit.

On the other side, even while it’s probable that Swift and Rodrigo have problems. It’s bad for everyone when women are pitted against one another, especially in the music business. Although there isn’t any concrete proof that “The Grudge” is about Swift. Rodrigo is unlikely to address the matter anytime soon.

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