Selena Gomez Writes “I will never be a meme again” After VMAs

The well-known artist Selena Gomez has handled the internet teasing she received for her open comments at the 2023 MTV VMAs with poise and tenacity. The 30-year-old celebrity used her Instagram Story to respond to people who had posted memes and still images of her unfiltered comments at the awards show.

Selena Gomez talks about being authentically her

Selena Gomez didn’t hold back when she spoke out against individuals who made fun of her sincere sentiments at the 2023 MTV VMAs. She voiced her reluctance to once more become a meme. I won’t ever again be a meme, she declared. I’d rather remain motionless than suffer for being who I am. Lots of love. Chris Brown also responded to the incident on his Instagram story by writing, “Let me mind my business”.

Selena Gomez’s fans value her sincerity

Despite the online teasing, Gomez’s supporters stood behind her, complimenting her sincere and open responses. Given the rapper’s contentious past with accusations of domestic abuse by Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Several people noticed her evident uneasiness when Chris Brown’s name was revealed as a finalist in the Best R&B Category. Selena Gomez was criticized for not clapping when a Chris Brown song was played during the nominations, according to a Twitter user. I adore her.”

Selena Gomez’s poised response to internet trolls who made fun of her VMA emotions reveals how genuine she is. Her followers loved her sincere sentiments throughout the awards event. Especially when Chris Brown was nominated, despite others making fun of her. Gomez’s steadfast attitude resonates with individuals who respect her sincerity in the face of public criticism. Because it is a reflection of her character and ideals.

“Single Soon” vanishes from streaming services

Just a few weeks ago, on August 25, Selena Gomez released “Single Soon”. It was the ideal soundtrack for the end of summer. According to Capital FM, the song abruptly disappeared from well-known streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music on September 14th, confusing listeners.

Selena Gomez’s fans are left perplexed as to why her hit song “Single Soon” has abruptly vanished from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Users are unable to listen to the popular summer hit since the song is temporarily missing from search results. This removal’s cause is unknown, and it’s not obvious if technical issues or other reasons were involved. An explanation for this sudden departure is anxiously anticipated by fans.

Selena Gomez Single Soon

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