Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Why it is Generation’s Most Legendary

There was no disputing that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour would be the event of the year as soon as it was announced. Before the Eras Tour had started, it was making news for remarkable two- and three-night runs at stadiums throughout the nation and for crashing Ticketmaster during just the presale.

However, after seeing it firsthand, it is obvious that Swift is not only giving the tour of the year but also the tour of her generation. Fans of Harry Styles and BLACKPINK are set to start the final leg of their respective successful tours. And BeyoncĂ© fans are eagerly anticipating their respective tours this summer. However, it’s difficult to think of another tour this year that will have as significant of an impact on the culture as the Eras Tour, which is blatantly obvious whether or not you were there.

Swift’s effect was felt even before she took the stage for the first time on May 5 at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. Almost every Swift fan among the 70,000 attendees (a record for the arena; more on that later) was sporting some sort of nod to their preferred period of Swift’s career, whether it be a favorite song, famous performance, or style from a music video. Even while that isn’t exactly a new practice in the Swiftie community, it was nevertheless remarkable and significant to have all 10 of her eras represented in a crowd the size of a stadium.

Here are some of the explanations for why Swift’s generation will remember the Eras Tour as one of the most memorable.

It is celebrated as a holiday

Taylor Swift’s return to Nashville for her shows was celebrated like a holiday in the city. The week leading up to the concerts and the weekend were filled with special events in her honor. From themed trivia nights to dance parties and transformed wine lists. Nashville, her hometown, showed a unique ripple effect of excitement as she announced the release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” during her performance. Three city landmarks were even illuminated in the album’s color, purple. It adds to the celebration of her return to the music scene.

Eras Tour is Record-breaking

Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is setting records at every turn. After breaking the all-time attendance record at Nissan Stadium during her Nashville run, she outdid herself with another attendance record on night two. Despite the ticketing controversy, the tour sold over 2.4 million tickets in a single day, setting a Ticketmaster record. With the potential for an international leg, industry experts predict the tour could exceed $1 billion in earnings. Adding yet another achievement to Swift’s impressive career accomplishments.

It has spawned parties in parking lots.

The Eras Tour is so popular that fans are sitting outside of the arena to still be a part of the performance (a practice some fans have amusingly dubbed ‘Taylorgating’). As if record-breaking attendance and ticket sales weren’t enough proof of Swift’s influence. Fans gathered behind barriers and set up camp in Nissan Stadium’s parking lot to watch Swift on the big screen and sing along with her, as has been the case in what seems like every city.

It is unaffected by the elements.

Swift performs 45 songs across three and a half hours, which heightens the significance of the Eras Tour. And to make her final night in Nashville even more significant, she performed nearly all of that in torrential downpours.

Storms in the vicinity prevented Swift from taking the stage until around 10 p.m. On May 7 (she usually performs at 7:50 local time). But that didn’t mean her set would be shortened. Even with the “element of slippiness happening,” as she quipped. Swift continued until almost 1:30 a.m. Making it apparent that she’s committed to giving every show her all, no matter the conditions.

Eras Tour is Just A Happy Celebration

Maybe it was because it had been five years since her last tour. May be it was the four brand-new albums of music. Maybe it was the show’s joyous atmosphere. I’ve never seen Taylor Swift or her fans so animated, whatever the Eras Tour’s vibe was inspired by. The excitement was contagious, and the passion was palpable. Although Swift has always been recognized for having a devoted fan base. Hearing 70,000 people sing along for three hours straight was still incredible. There aren’t many musicians whose discographies are as well-known as they are broad. Let alone one who hasn’t even reached the age of 34.

Regardless of how many more albums and tours Swift may embark on. The Eras Tour captures a unique moment in time and honors a legend in her prime.

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