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7 Men Charged With Rape after Assaulting Interfaith Couple

Men Charged With Rape after Assaulting Interfaith Couple: A couple was brutally assaulted by six men who broke into their Karnataka lodge room, accusing them of the “crime” of being together despite having differing religious beliefs. This was a horrifying example of assault and violation of privacy. Days after two cousins were beaten up in the state after being mistaken for an interfaith couple, videos of the incident have surfaced.

The six guys are shown in recordings taken by the assailants themselves, which suggests that they were looking to gain notoriety, waiting outside the resort in Hanagal Taluk, Haveri District. They take note of the room number, knock, and then stand by. The lady attempts to conceal her face with a burqa. But they storm in as a guy opens the door and goes right to her. Rape charges have been brought against the seven men who stormed into an interfaith couple’s room at a Karnataka resort and assaulted them, according to the police.

The woman, who was in the room with her partner, said that the guys subsequently brought her to a secluded spot and took turns raping her. As a result, a rape complaint was launched against the seven men.

Rape Charges Against the Assaulters of Karnataka Interfaith Couple

7 Men Charged With Rape after Assaulting Interfaith Couple

The lady uploaded the footage yesterday. She said that her attackers had forced her into a car and driven her around the city after raping her in the forest. “The driver also raped me,” the lady alleged in the video. “They left me at a bus station later. She said, “I want them to get punished.

She said that although she didn’t remember the names of all the individuals who had attacked her. Aftab was one of them. If they are presented in front of me, I can recognize them. All of them would be visible on the video clip. It covers everyone who sexually assaulted me. “I implore you to punish them all,” the woman replied.

“We were not informed sooner about the rape. The woman’s video was the sole source of information about this that the media reported. The relevant section has been used to book a case, according to Haveri Superintendent of Police Anshu Kumar.

According to the police, the married Muslim woman was seeing someone else when she booked into the hotel. The assault films were also captured on camera by the perpetrators. According to sources, the men filmed the films as a kind of blackmail to make sure the couple didn’t report the incident.

The video captured the males punching the woman so hard that she fell to the ground while muttering obscenities. When the man tries to flee the room, he is also attacked and then apprehended by two or three of the attackers. One of the assailants slaps the woman and pulls her back to the floor. Another confines her close to the bed. Of the seven males, three are members of the minority group and have already been detained.

7 Men Charged With Rape after Assaulting Interfaith Couple

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