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Bengaluru Priest Misused Sudha Murty’s Name for Money, Arrested

The Jayanagar police detained a 34-year-old priest from Malleswaram for illegally obtaining Rs 5 lakh from a US-based Kannada collective. By impersonating Infosys foundation chair Sudha Murty’s identity. The Bengaluru based priest, who went under the name of Arun Kumar, misrepresented Murty’s attendance as the primary guest at a Kannada Koota event in California, United States. Kumar, a resident of Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar neighbourhood, was detained following an investigation into a cybercrime case that the Jayanagar police had reported on September 22.

Two ladies were previously detained in connection with two different incidents in which Murty’s identity was utilised to generate illicit benefit. According to Indian Express, the inquiry revealed that Kumar was the mastermind behind both schemes.

Bengaluru Priest Misused Sudha Murty’s Name

In the first instance, Kumar promised a group from the Kannada Koota of Northern California (KKNC) that Murty would attend as the primary guest at their 50th anniversary celebration, bilking them out of Rs. 5 lakh. The author, however, had already turned down the group’s offer back in April. But a lady who claimed to work for the philanthropist’s staff informed them of her presence. Pictures and videos that claimed Murty was the main guest made the incident public.

Bengaluru Priest Misused Sudha Murty's Name for Money, Arrested

A separate lady deceitfully promoted a “Meet & Greet with Dr. Sudha Murty” event. Hosted by the non-profit organisation Sewa International in Milpitas, US, on September 26 on social media. Indian Express states that the price of the tickets was $40, or around Rs 3,330. The issue came to light after Murty’s staff saw the bogus advertising.

According to a police official, Kumar admitted to defrauding the event organisers and getting an advance of Rs 5 lakh. The woman’s husband’s relative is Kumar as well. Prior to Kumar, the Jayanagar police detained Lavanya and Shruthi after receiving a complaint from Murty’s executive assistant Mamata Sanjay.

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