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India Renamed As Bharat? New Name Controversy Explained

According to recent rumors that have been sparked by invitations for the G20 meeting that urged people to join the “President of Bharat” for dinner, India may soon be renamed “Bharat” by the Narendra Modi administration. The name of the nation may be changed at an upcoming “special session” of parliament. According to a number of Indian media sources. However, this has not been verified by officials.

A recent official document referring to Mr. Modi as the “prime minister of Bharat”. This added fuel to the fire of persistent suspicions. That the nation’s name would be changed. Only two days before India welcomes a large number of foreign leaders to its capital city of New Delhi for the high-profile G20 summit. Pictures of the document pertaining to Mr. Modi’s current visit to Indonesia surfaced on Wednesday.

The prime minister claims that India has “left behind” former rulers Britain in an effort to move away from the nation’s colonial past. The Modi administration has steadily chipped away at the legacies of former governments. And leaders in recent years by changing the names of official landmarks and buildings of national importance.

Senior BJP members have expressed support for the rumored name change, but opposition politicians across India have reacted negatively and mocked it.

What is the country’s official name?

In the Indian Constitution, the phrase “India, that is Bharat”—which means “shall be a Union of states”—is used as the official name of the nation. The Indian Constitution was drafted and made public in 1951, but it had already been the subject of heated discussion both before and after India’s independence in 1947.

In his book Discovery of India, Nehru—who was also a historian—wrote: “Often, as I wandered from meeting to meeting, I spoke to my audiences of this India of ours, of Hindustan and of Bharata, the old Sanskrit name derived from the mythical founders of the race.” He had mentioned the three most well-known names: Hindustan, India, and Bharat, each of which had its own historical, geographical, and linguistic significance to the nation.

When referring to the Republic, its ministries, internal and international communication. When describing government personalities as Indian leaders, the word “India” is used in all official papers for the nation that are written in English. The phrase “India” is used as the official marker of citizenship on legitimate identification documents, including passports and voting cards.

In contrast, “Bharat” is used instead of “India” in publications written in Hindi. It is one of India’s 22 official languages along with English.

What is the origin of the names India and Bharat?

The word “Bharat”, “Bharata”, or “Bharatvarsha” is found in the oldest documents used to name the nation. These phrases have been included with “India” in the Constitution.

Since the time of the Ancient Greek historians, terms like the name “India” have been used to refer to the whole subcontinent. The name “India” derives from the river Indus (now Sindhu). When the British began to control the nation in the late 18th century. The English term “India” became more important and was frequently shown on historical maps. After winning independence, the nation’s new authorities retained the practice and included it in official writing.

Who is wanting the usage of Bharat?

India Renamed As Bharat?

The Modi administration is reportedly pressing for the name change after the nation has been referred to as India both inside and outside of its boundaries for centuries.

Right-wing political figures in Mr. Modi’s BJP contend the word “India” was coined by British colonialists. That it is a “symbol of slavery,” and that changing it will help India recapture its Hindu history. In recent weeks, a number of Mr. Modi’s ministers have switched the word “India” to the word “Bharat”. In their social media biographies.

Several leaders in Mr. Modi’s party have also publicly demanded that the nation only be referred to as “Bharat”. Without articulating how official papers. Notable national structures, hospitals, colleges, and institutions. Having the word “India” in their names would be changed.

On Tuesday, after images were widely circulated on social media showing an official invitation for India’s G20 summit. Asking foreign dignitaries to join the “President of Bharat” with no mention of India on the card. Several right-wing leaders of the ruling party cheered on the potential use of “Bharat”. As the only official name for the country. The photo of the invitation and recent media stories about a “special session” of the Indian parliament. That has also fueled suspicions. The BJP intends to use the session to formally rename the nation.


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