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PM Modi Celebrates Diwali with Soldiers in Himachal

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation’s citizens and engaged with Indian Army personnel in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh, in honor of Diwali. “I have celebrated every Diwali with you (Army jawans) for the past thirty to thirty-five years. “Earlier, I used to go to the border on Diwali even though I wasn’t the CM or the PM,” Modi said when he arrived in Lepcha early in the morning and spoke with the soldiers. “I used to travel to border areas during Diwali to celebrate with security forces, even before I was PM or CM,” Modi continued.

“No less than a temple” remarks made by PM Modi

PM Modi Celebrates Diwali with Soldiers in Himachal

According to Modi, a location where security personnel are stationed is equivalent to a shrine. The prime minister previously posted pictures of himself interacting with the soldiers, including one where he is seen giving them candy.

On X, Modi wrote: “Spending Diwali with our brave security forces in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh has been an experience filled with deep emotion and pride.” “Away from their families, these guardians of our nation illuminate our lives with their dedication,” he remarked.

“Our security forces never waver in their bravery. Their commitment and devotion keep us safe and secure even if they are stationed in the most difficult environments, far from their loved ones.” The prime minister continued. Modi stated in another tweet that “India will always be grateful to these heroes who are the perfect embodiment of bravery and resilience.”

Speaking with the troops, Modi added that India’s defense exports have increased eightfold since Diwali in 2016 and that the country’s internal defense output is at ₹1 lakh crore. During his speech, Modi praised the security forces for their role in strengthening the nation and elevating the nation’s standing internationally.

The prime minister warned security troops, “India is safe as long as its brave soldiers are standing on its borders, unflinching as the Himalayas.” Speaking on his government’s acceptance of the permanent commission for women, Modi stated. “More than 500 female officers have received permanent commissions in the Indian Army in previous years. These days, female pilots are operating combat aircraft like the Rafale.”

He welcomed individuals on Diwali earlier in the day, wishing them happiness, wealth, and good health. Greetings on Diwali to everybody! May everyone’s life be filled with happiness, wealth, and excellent health as a result of this unique event, Modi remarked.

PM Modi’s Diwali Visits

PM Modi Celebrates Diwali with Soldiers in Himachal

Modi has been celebrating Diwali by touring military installations since taking office in 2014.

  1. At the Siachen Glacier in 2014, the prime minister participated in the festival of lights alongside soldiers. On the 50th anniversary of the war with Pakistan in 1965, Modi paid respects to three memorials in Punjab. Where the Indian armed forces had engaged in fierce combat that ultimately proved crucial to the nation’s triumph.
  2. The prime minister visited the Dogra Scouts, the Army, and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) in Sumdoh. Close to the Chinese border, in Himachal Pradesh in 2016.
  3. Modi observed Diwali in Harsil, Uttarakhand, in 2018 and then traveled to Kedarnath. In 2017, he was in the Gurez area in north Kashmir.
  4. 2019 saw Modi celebrate Diwali in Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir, following his reelection to the highest position. He observed Diwali with troops in Nowshera in 2021 after spending the holiday at a Longewala border station in 2020.
  5. Last year at Kargil, the prime minister celebrated Diwali among the armed forces.

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