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PM Modi Condemns Civilian Deaths in Israel-Hamas Conflict at Global South Summit

At the Voice of Global South Summit on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually spoke and reaffirmed India’s opposition to the terror incident on October 7, during which hundreds of Hamas terrorists broke into Israel, killing hundreds of people and kidnapping over 250 Israelis. PM Modi urged “dialogue, diplomacy and restraint” at the virtual summit as Israel keeps hitting Gaza to drive out Hamas terrorists in retaliation for the attack on its territory.

PM Narendra Modi also denounced the civilian casualties in the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas. “As everyone is observing, the developments in the West Asia area are giving rise to new problems. India has denounced the October 7 terrorist assault in Israel. We have also been restrained. We have prioritized communication and diplomacy. Additionally, we vehemently denounce the civilian casualties in the Israeli-Hamas confrontation,” Prime Minister Modi declared.

PM Modi on Israel-Hamas Conflict

PM Modi Condemns Civilian Deaths in Israel-Hamas Conflict at Global South Summit

Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), Prime Minister Modi stated that technology needs to be utilized sensibly. According to India, the Global North and the Global South shouldn’t become further divided as a result of new technologies. In the era of artificial intelligence, it is critical that technology be handled appropriately. In his statement during the opening ceremony of the Voice of the Global South Summit, Prime Minister Modi stated, “India will host the ArtificiaI Global Partnership Summit next month to further promote this.”

“We have also sent humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine after speaking with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.” Prime Minister Modi stated, highlighting the need for the Global South to band together for the sake of the whole world.

PM Modi also urged collaboration throughout the conference, using the five Cs as a framework. “Consultation, communication, cooperation, creativity, and capacity building.”

In addition, PM Modi stated. “Although the Global South has always existed geographically, it is now receiving a voice for the first time as a result of our combined efforts.” Despite the fact that we are across 100 nations, our goals are identical. We made an effort to center the G20 Summit last year around the development of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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