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Jonny Bairstow Controversial Dismissal in Question- The Ashes

Jonny Bairstow found himself at the center of controversy during the intense fifth day of the second Ashes Test at Lord’s. His dismissal, labeled as ‘dozy’ and ‘naive’ by critics, raised questions about its fairness and alignment with the spirit of the game.

The incident occurred when Bairstow, facing Cameron Green’s delivery, inadvertently left his crease and was subsequently stumped by Alex Carey. The Australian team appealed, and after reviewing the footage, the third umpire ruled in their favor, determining that the ball was still in play and Bairstow was indeed out.

Critics swiftly criticized Bairstow for what they perceived as carelessness and a lack of awareness. They argued that a player of his caliber should have been more mindful of his positioning, especially during a crucial stage of the match. However, others questioned whether the decision was truly within the spirit of the game.

Jonny Bairstow Dismissal

After losing a crucial wicket, England’s hopes dwindled as they reached a score of 193-6 in their pursuit of a challenging 371-run target. However, Ben Stokes emerged as the standout performer, reminiscent of his heroic innings at Headingley in 2019. With a mesmerizing display, Stokes single-handedly revived England’s chances with a remarkable 155 runs. Despite his remarkable efforts, England fell agonizingly short by 43 runs. Resulting in a 2-0 deficit in the ongoing five-match series.

What are the rules of cricket Say about the Dismissal of Jonny Bairstow?

According to the MCC’s Laws of Cricket:

When it is obvious to the bowler’s end umpire that the fielding side and both hitters at the wicket have stopped seeing the ball as in play, the ball is deemed to be dead.

While Bairstow was still in his crease and ducked under a bouncer from Green to conclude the 52nd over. Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey quickly tossed the ball back at the stumps. Jonny Bairstow was by this time much beyond of his area when the ball broke the stumps.

“I was asking the umpires if they had called ‘over,’ and they were saying no,” Stokes said. “But then the square leg umpire and the standing umpire both made movements towards it being the end of the over,” He said after the game.

What then happened in the Long Room?

The Ashes Controversy

Confusion at first. The moment the verdict was handed upstairs to the third umpire, the audience fell silent. However, as soon as replays started playing on the big screen, booing started and only became louder when the dismissal was upheld.

For the final thirty minutes of the morning session, they persisted throughout the Home of Cricket. Punctuated by enormous, guttural cheers in response to Stokes smashing the Australian attack for sixes.

Then, in some truly spectacular scenes at Lord’s, Australian duo David Warner and Usman Khawaja looked to engage in a fight with spectators as the players made their way through the Long Room for the lunch break.

“I’ve never seen anything like it at the Home of Cricket,” stated Ian Ward of Sky Sports. Australia was immediately supported by the audience when they took the pitch. And that support persisted until the players passed through the Long Room.

“Inside the Long Room, Usman Khawaja was conversing with one of the participants. He was dragged away by a steward and teammate. The same thing occurred to David Warner.

Next, what?

The third Test at Headingley, which begins on Thursday, July 6. It requires the sides to swiftly reassemble before traveling north to Leeds. From 10 am until 11 am, Sky Sports Cricket will broadcast that match live.


  1. Joe Root is confident Jonny Bairstow “has the bit between his teeth” following his controversial stumping at Lord’s and expects him to be in the mood in front of a home crowd at Headingley this week. Bairstow found himself at the eye of the storm during England’s unsuccessful run chase on Sunday, dismissed by fellow wicketkeeper Alex Carey after he believed the ball to be dead at the end of a Cameron Green over. For full blogs click on link.

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