LLC Acts on Gautam Gambhir vs. Sreesanth in ‘Fixer’ Controversy

Gautam Gambhir vs. Sreesanth Conflict: A lot of controversy was caused by the two World Cup-winning Indian players, Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth, getting into a heated argument during the Indian Capitals vs. Gujarat Giants Eliminator game of the 2023 Legends League Cricket at the Lalbhai Contractor Stadium in Surat. During their nasty altercation on the pitch, which prompted the umpires to step in and separate the two players, the veteran fast bowler claimed that the former India opener had dubbed him a “fixer”. The organisers of the LLC have addressed the matter amid the verbal sparring that has spilled over into social media. Stating that they would carry out a “internal investigation” and that any evidence of “misconduct” will be “dealt with strictly.”

Sreesanth said that Gambhir had spoken disrespectfully to him and used “bad words” during the post-match procedures on Instagram. Following the on-field altercation that transpired in Surat earlier this week. A video of the event surfaced on social media later on Thursday and went viral right after.

Gautam Gambhir vs. Sreesanth

LC Acts on Gautam Gambhir vs. Sreesanth in 'Fixer' Controversy

In the midst of the discussion, Gambhir posted a mysterious message. While other seasoned cricket players offered their support, Sreesanth responded to the post in great detail, launching an offensive. “You have transcended the limits of a sportsman and a brother, and above all, you represent the people,” the writer added. And yet, you still argue with every cricket player. What is wrong with you? I just smiled and watched, and you called me a fixer? Really? Do you think you are above the Court? You don’t have the right to talk like this and say anything you want.”

Due to his suspected participation in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing incident, the former India fast bowler was banned for life by the BCCI’s disciplinary committee. However, in 2019, the Supreme Court of India lowered Sreesanth’s punishment to seven years.

LLC’s Action

LC Acts on Gautam Gambhir vs. Sreesanth in 'Fixer' Controversy

Following the events of Wednesday, LLC made it quite evident that they will preserve the spirit of the game both on and off the pitch. “Legends League Cricket will carry out an internal inquiry regarding the transgression of the code of conduct. As we endeavour to preserve the spirit of sportsmanship and cricket.” Strict action will be taken against any wrongdoing that has happened on or off the pitch, including on social media. It is explicitly stated in the code of conduct that players who bring dishonour to the league, the spirit of the game. Or the teams they represent will face the proper consequences. We are adamant about our position and will keep pushing to bring cricket to as many fans as possible throughout the country and the globe. Stated Syed Kirmani, Head of Legends League Cricket’s Code of Conduct & Ethics Committee.

CEO of LLC Raman Raheja, meantime, stated that “appropriate action against the breach of contract” will be taken. “All players contracted in the Legends League Cricket are bound by certain terms related to misconduct. And necessary action will be taken as per the codes of conduct. Laid down by the Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee,” he stated. LLC described the event as “unfortunate” and stated that it had temporarily diverted attention from what has been a really thrilling season.

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