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PBKS Faces IPL 2024 Auction Blunder, Denied Reversal by Auctioneer

PBKS IPL 2024 Auction Blunder: Getting an IPL agreement is one of the biggest booster shots for an uncapped player. All you want is for any of the 10 clubs to express interest in you when millions of rupees are spent in an IPL auction on some of the greatest names in international cricket. For every young cricket player, seeing the paddle raised as their name is up for grabs at the auction is the stuff of dreams. For Shashank Singh, though, no. For the Chattisgarh cricket player, things could be a little different. Even though Shashank was able to secure a bidder in the IPL 2024 auction, he is probably not overjoyed. The cause? The Punjab Kings, who purchased him on Tuesday at the Dubai auction, had no desire for him to be a member of their team. So why did they place a bid on him?

Put an end to rolling your eyes; we’ll simplify things for you to comprehend. In IPL auctions, peculiar items are commonplace. There have already been instances of bids being withdrawn, unsold players being placed back into the auction pool several times, and confusion around player amounts during a bidding war. However, what happened during Shashank’s bid was unusual.

How was Shashank Singh acquired by PBKS at the IPL 2024 auction?

PBKS Faces IPL 2024 Auction Blunder, Denied Reversal by Auctioneer

PBKS was in a frantic attempt to sign uncapped Indian cricket players during the expedited round of the auction. They acquired Vishwanath Pratap Singh and Ashutosh Sharma for their respective base salaries of ₹20 lakh. It was Shashank’s turn next. After a quick conversation with the other members of her team, Preity Zinta, co-owner of PBKS, lifted the paddle. Mallika Sagar, the auctioneer, proceeded as usual after taking the opening bid. No other teams could have outbid PBKS for Shashank. Mallika proceeded to issue a “fair warning” to each and every franchise before confirming the acquisition of PBKS.

The auctioneer then turned his attention to Tanay Thyagrajan, the final participant in the group of uncapped all-round players. The cameras then panned to the PBKS table, where there was a lot going on. Trevor Bayliss, the head coach of PBSK, Ness Wadia, and other co-owners were perplexed. Wadia and Zinta gestured to the auctioneer with their hands up.

“Was that the incorrect name?” Mallika inquired, “You don’t want the player?” We are discussing Shashank Singh. However, the hammer has dropped. Player numbers 236 and 237 were assigned to you. Mallika was resolute, even though Wadia appeared to be telling the auctioneer that they had bid incorrectly on Shashank. “I think the hammer has come down for 237 (Shashank) as well.” All PBKS could do was settle for a player who they might not have planned to get at the auction.

What Caused Confusion?

PBKS Faces IPL 2024 Auction Blunder, Denied Reversal by Auctioneer

Although an official statement has not been made, it might have been a classic instance of mistaken identification. In the IPL 2024 auction, two Shashank Singhs were up for bid. The second young person was a 19-year-old who had never participated in first-class cricket. Like the player that PBKS purchased, he also had a starting price of ₹20 lakh, but this youth bowls all-around.

Playing for Chattisgarh, the right-handed hitter has a respectable List-A record and can also bowl useful off-spin. With a strike rate of 109.55 and an amazing average of 41.08, he has scored 986 runs in 27 innings. His strike rate in T20s is 135.83.

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