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PCB Delays Asia Cup Schedule, Seeks BCCI-like Revenue Share

The much-anticipated Asia Cup Schedule faces further delay as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) engages in discussions with Asian Cricket Council (ACC) officials. A Meeting was held in Dubai on Sunday and Monday. Parties will deliberate on the possibility of hosting additional games in Pakistan. And revisiting the revenue-sharing agreement for the Sri Lanka leg of the Asia Cup 2023. These discussions hold significant importance in shaping the final schedule and ensuring a fair distribution of opportunities and resources among the participating nations. Cricket fans eagerly await the outcome of these meetings. Which will impact the future of one of Asia’s most prestigious cricket tournaments.

Asia Cup Drama of PCB

The drama surrounding the Asia Cup Schedule has no end in sight. Despite accepting the hybrid format, the new Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) board is now arguing for a larger revenue share from the Sri Lanka portion of the Asia Cup 2023. the exact revenue split that the UAE provided to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for hosting the T20 Asia Cup the previous year.

On Sunday and Monday, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) met in Dubai for two days to discuss and confirm the itinerary. It should be noted that despite being the original hosts, Pakistan will only get to host 4 games. In addition to the final and the two India-Pakistan games in Dambulla, Sri Lanka will host nine other matches.

“It has already been decided that Sri Lanka will host the remainder of the Asia Cup. With Pakistan serving simply as the host nation for its matches. The cash Pakistan receives from hosting the remaining matches in Sri Lanka is what matters, a PCB insider told The News in Pakistan.

Why is the Asia Cup Schedule taking so long?

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is advocating for a revision of the Asia Cup schedule. Currently, Pakistan is allocated only four matches, with just one being a home game. Given the anticipated rainfall in Sri Lanka, the PCB seeks to host additional matches to prevent washouts. Moreover, they are pushing for a larger portion of the revenue share from the Sri Lanka leg of matches. Comparatively, if the matches were held in the UAE, the PCB would have generated higher earnings.

As Sri Lanka is hosting nine matches, the PCB aims to secure a similar share to what the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) received during the previous Asia Cup in the UAE. PCB officials are engaging in discussions with Asian Cricket Council (ACC) officials in Dubai on Sunday and Monday to address these concerns. While hosting the matches in the UAE would have brought in more revenue from gate receipts, advertising, and marketing ventures. The proposal was rejected due to concerns over the country’s September heat by other participating nations.

Inside Talks

“It’s challenging to make extra money in Sri Lanka. To guarantee that we would receive the money we are seeking for, we must come to some sort of agreement with the ACC. as is done to bring in the same amount of money as India did by hosting the Asia Cup in Dubai last year, the insider said.

This isn’t the first time PCB has expressed concern over anything. Even as the PCB chairman, Najam Sethi had conversations with Jay Shah, the ACC president, and other ACC members. The discussions, however, did not lead to a firm agreement.

PCB intends to host more games in addition to the income share. According to the existing arrangement, Pakistan will only receive 4 games while Sri Lanka will host the other 9. However, Pakistan wants additional games because rain is likely to affect games in Sri Lanka. Additionally, this will be discussed.



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