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WFI Moves Office Amid Strong Sports Ministry Criticism

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) took a bold step after receiving harsh criticism from the Sports Ministry and moved its headquarters away from the home of its previous president, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

Notably, Sanjay Singh, a close colleague of Brij Bhushan, led the freshly elected WFI body, which had been suspended by the Sports Ministry. The new office bearers were dealt a serious blow when they learned of this suspension, which was the result of several accusations and irregularities in the procedure. Concerns about the new body’s operation being completely controlled by previous office-bearers. Which is against the National Sports Code, had also been voiced by the ministry.

In response to criticism that the WFI office was using Brij Bhushan’s home, Sanjay Singh said that the newly elected team needs time to find a new location. He gave his word that he was ready to go as soon as the authorities told him to.

WFI Moves Office Amid Strong Sports Ministry Criticism

WFI shifts office from Brij Bhushan’s residence

“It is said that the federation is managed from his home. Just two days ago, we took over the WFI, and we’re still looking for a location. If the Ministry of Sports directs us, we will get there right away. We are prepared to move right away and are also searching for a new workplace,” Singh stated.

Shortly after Sanjay Singh became successful in the WFI elections on December 21, 2023, controversy sprang out. Pro wrestlers Sakshi Malik, who won an Olympic gold, and Bajrang Punia, who gave back his Padma Shri award, were among those who expressed disapproval of his appointment.

Medallist at the World Championships Vinesh Phogat did the same, returning her Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award. The athletes were unhappy because they thought Brij Bhushan would have an influence on the new WFI body.

The Sports Ministry identified a number of problems with the new WFI committee’s operation. It chastised the committee for announcing the U-15 and U-20 national teams in a hurry. Without following the proper protocol or giving wrestlers enough time to prepare.

WFI Moves Office Amid Strong Sports Ministry Criticism

The ministry emphasized that in accordance with the WFI constitution and the National Sports Development Code. The Executive Committee should make these decisions after providing due notice and having a quorum.

Concurrently, the Indian Olympic Association said that it has established a three-person ad hoc committee on Wednesday. To manage the day-to-day operations of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), which is now suspended. The ad hoc committee will be led by Bhupinder Singh Bajwa. The president of the Wushu Association of India, with two other members being Olympian hockey player MM Somaya and former international badminton player Manjusha Kanwar.

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