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Threads App of Meta: The Biggest Threat to Twitter Yet

A new game-changer is the introduction of Threads, a social media app that will compete with Twitter. In advance of schedule, Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, debuted the new platform yesterday. Nearly immediately, Threads was warmly received, especially by the throngs of Twitter users. They watched in horror as their beloved platform falls under Elon Musk.

Over 30 million people used Threads in less than 24 hours. Additionally, Threads’ user base will rapidly expand due to Meta. Meta already has more than two billion Instagram users who may easily link their accounts to it. The parallels between Threads and Twitter are unmistakable. Due to their simple black-and-white feeds and features that allow you to react to, adore, quote, and comment on other people’s “threads”.

Increasing Users of Threads App

Threads App

According to internal data from Meta, The Verge’s Alex Heath wrote in a Threads post on Friday that the app had attracted more than 48 million new users. Joe Scannell (Threads: @joe_scannel), an user, shared a screenshot of a recent Threads sign-up number. It indicated the number has now surpassed the 50 million threshold. In an effort to encourage people to sign up and use the service, Meta posts a serial number showing the user’s sign-up date on each user’s Instagram profile.

Though Threads was simultaneously released on Thursday on the Software Store and Google Play store, it should be noted that not all countries have access to the software. Because of the strict privacy laws in the EU, Meta hasn’t made the service available to users there.

The software has reached the top of app stores in a number of different nations. In India, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Threads are the top three free iOS apps. In China, where Meta’s other apps are presently restricted. The Threads app apparently climbed to the fifth spot in the App Store. Threads is anticipated to experience the same fate.

Issues with Twitter

The Threads app had more than 95 million posts as of Thursday, It had received 190 million likes overall on the website. Elon Musk’s Twitter seems to be starting to feel the pressure. According to reports, the platform threatened legal action against Meta in a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Twitter’s attorney Alex Spirt.

Following the sudden popularity of the new Threads app, Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino wrote on Thursday that the Twitter community was “irreplaceable” because it had been created by users. “We’re often imitated — but the Twitter community can never be duplicated,” she added.

Threads App Limitations

Although the service presently lacks capabilities that users are used to on other platforms. Such as the ability to view a chronological feed or the option to send private messages (or DMs). Threads’ user base is anticipated to increase over the course of the next day. The company’s support materials also suggest that you cannot deactivate your Threads account. That too without also terminating your Instagram account, demonstrating how interconnected the two are.

‘Trade secrets’ — did Meta steal them?

Musk, on the other hand, won’t go down without a fight. A few hours after the publication of Threads, Twitter’s attorney Alex Spiro issued a letter in which he charged Meta with “systematic” and “illegal misappropriation” of trade secrets.

According to the letter, Meta hired former Twitter employees who were “deliberately assigned” to “develop Meta’s copycat ‘Threads’ app in a matter of months.” Reports indicate that Meta has denied these assertions. But the conflict between the two businesses appears to be far from resolved.

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