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India Sends Help to War-Torn Gaza With Medicines and Sanitation

In response to the worsening situation in the area, India has lent a helping hand to the people of Gaza by providing much-needed humanitarian aid. The assistance, will include necessities like water purification tablets. Tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, sanitary supplies, and life-saving medicines. These are planned to reach Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah Crossing Point.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) was instrumental in the delivery, sending 32 tonnes of disaster relief supplies and over 6.5 tonnes of medical supplies aboard an IAF C-17 mission. Currently traveling to Egypt’s El-Arish airport, the cargo will be delivered to the Egyptian Red Crescent there. From there, it will travel to Gaza, giving people there a glimpse of hope as they struggle with a severe humanitarian situation.

Condition of Gaza in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Palestinian representative, Adnan Abu Al-Haija, expressed his sincere thanks to the Indian government for its speedy assistance. He remarked, “I would like to thank the Government of India for this humanitarian step,” in an exclusive interview with WION. And I believe that medicine and this sort of relief are necessary for our people in Gaza. The condition was 15 days after all food, water, medication, air, and fuel were completely cut off.

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Adnan Abu Al-Haija emphasized the significance of political efforts following the humanitarian relief when asked if India would provide extra aid. He commended India’s relationship with both Israel and Palestine. While calling for a determined effort to put a stop to the current fighting. We are also searching for political sentiments, he said. “I am aware that India is a friend of both Israel and Palestine. I believe that this conflict should be stopped on one side in order to provide relief to the Gazan population.”

Adnan Abu Al-Haija highlighted his concerns about the scope of the situation as the commencement of the international relief across the Rafah crossing, saying. “What they have sent yesterday, 20 trucks, 2.3 million living (in Gaza), this is nothing. Therefore, we need to put pressure on Israel and the rest of the world to lift the siege. And humanitarian relief has to arrive as quickly as possible.”

As he said, “Especially the wells of Gaza if you construct a well. There is no sweet water since this occupation of Gaza has stolen all water from Gaza to their fields. So there is no sweet water in Gaza; we need it as quickly as possible. We need the international community to exert pressure.

India Sends Help to War-Torn Gaza With Medicines and Food

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