The Archies: Javed Akhtar Reacts to Zoya Akhtar’s Casting

The Archies, directed by Zoya Akhtar, will include the cinematic debuts of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, the grandson of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan, and Khushi Kapoor, the daughter of Boney Kapoor and late Sridevi. Since the movie’s release, the director has been questioned about her choice to feature famous children in her productions. Netflix will begin offering The Archies, which also stars Yuvraj Menda, Vedang Raina, Aditi ‘Dot’ Saigal, and Mihir Ahuja, for streaming on December 7.

Now, Zoya’s father, seasoned lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar, who wrote songs for The Archies as well, has come out in support of his daughter and even declared that nepotism is unheard of in the Hindi cinema business since one can only thrive in the business if the public accepts them.

“The conversation about nepotism in the film industry never stops,” Javed stated in Hindi while speaking at the Sahitya Aaj Tak event. While nepotism can occur elsewhere in the globe, it does not occur here. Why? It’s like an unrigged election this time. Here, one’s success is contingent upon the audience’s approval of them. So, this is not the place to make someone famous. Stars are created by their fans.”

Javed Akhtar on The Archies Casting

The Archies: Javed Akhtar Reacts to Zoya Akhtar's Casting

“Nepotism happens when you help someone who doesn’t deserve it at the expense of someone else,” he continued, giving more explanation of himself. I work for a firm where people trust me to find jobs for my city’s residents. That poses no risk to me. That is nepotism. It can occur in bureaucracies and other organizations when hiring decisions are made by subordinates. However, since this individual is taking a risk on their own, nepotism is not present here. They don’t depend on anybody else.”

“If a producer’s son says, ‘I want to become a hero,'” said the 78-year-old poet. His own money, not anybody else’s, is being used to produce this film. He’s taking a chance; if the film doesn’t work out, the producer will lose money, but if it does, everything will be well. How, therefore, is this nepotism? If this is the standard of nepotism, then all affluent individuals, businesspeople, and industrialists worldwide are nepotistic, giving their offspring full control over their companies and assets. This definition of nepotism is incorrect.”

Regarding Zoya’s choice to include Suhana, Agastya, and Khushi in her movie, her father Javed remarked, “We produce films at our own risk.” Zoya is taking a risk by producing a movie. Tomorrow, if something goes wrong, it’s not like the government’s money or some other industrialist’s money would be lost. Her own funds will be in jeopardy. She is assuming the danger. Zoya shouldn’t be questioned since she has the right to include anybody she wants. She is supporting the initiative; she is taking the risk.”

The Archies Casting

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