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Jio Bharat Launches in India as the Most Affordable 4G Phone

Reliance Jio has introduced a series of cost-effective Jio Bharat phones in its efforts to expedite the ‘2G Mukt Bharat’ (2G-free India) initiative. These affordable phones are equipped with internet connectivity, and they come at an incredibly low price of Rs 999. Users can enjoy unlimited voice calls and a generous 14 GB data allocation per month by subscribing to the accompanying monthly plan, which costs just Rs 123. Notably, Jio’s monthly plans for these phones are 30% more economical than those offered by other operators, while providing a substantial seven times more data. This move by Reliance Jio aims to bridge the digital divide and empower more people with affordable and reliable access to high-speed internet services.

Jio Bharat phones at Rs 999

Reliance Jio, the largest telecom provider in India, has introduced internet-capable 4g  phones for at Rs 999. The phone was introduced by the corporation with the goal of advancing the “2G Mukt Bharat” vision. The low-cost phone will come with a monthly plan offering 14 GB of data and unlimited voice calls for Rs 123.

Jio Bharat

According to the business, the beta testing for the first million Jio Bharat phones began on July 7. Additionally, it was stated that in addition to Reliance Retail, other phone manufacturers, beginning with Karbonn, will use the “Jio Bharat platform” to create “Jio Bharat phones.”

How to purchase the “India’s most affordable 4G phone”?

The Jio Bharat Phone is available for purchase at Reliance Digital stores, All retail locations, and other retail locations around the nation. Jio is providing this Phone consumers with more affordable prepaid plans in addition to the handset. Voice calls, broadband advantages, and access to Jio apps are all part of these tariffs.

Jio Bharat plans

Reliance Jio introduces new Jio Bharat plans, featuring prices of Rs 123 and Rs 1234. The less expensive plan includes unlimited voice calls for 28 days and 14GB of total bandwidth (0.5GB each day). The annual Rs 1234 package includes 168GB of total data (0.5 GB per day) and unlimited calling features. These plans are currently available to purchasers of Jio-branded phones. The Jio Bharat phone has two plans: a monthly plan for Rs. 179 with a 28-day validity period and an annual plan for Rs. 1799. Both plans continue to offer the same features as Jio Bharat plans.

Impact of the Telecommunication in India


Jio, short for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, has made a significant impact on the telecommunications landscape in India. Launched in 2016, Jio quickly emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way Indians connect and consume digital services. With its widespread 4G network and affordable data plans. Jio brought affordable internet access to millions of Indians, effectively bridging the digital divide. Jio’s disruptive pricing strategy and innovative offerings have compelled other telecom operators to reevaluate their business models. Beyond telecommunications, Jio has expanded into various sectors. Including e-commerce, digital payments, and entertainment, further enhancing its presence in the Indian market. Its commitment to providing reliable connectivity and pushing for digital inclusion has propelled Jio to become a household name. As a catalyst for India’s digital transformation.

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