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Couple Sells Baby for iPhone 14 for Making Reels

In a horrifying West Bengal event, a couple allegedly sold their 8-month-old infant to pay for an iPhone so they could make Instagram reels. The strange tale originates in the North 24 Parganas area of West Bengal. The West Bengal police have successfully caught both Sathi, the mother of the child, and Priyanka Ghosh, the buyer of the child. Jaydev, the child’s father, is still at large since Couple Sells Baby for iPhone.

The Incident of Couple Sells Baby for iPhone

The shocking incident unfolded when vigilant neighbors noticed unusual behavior and the absence of an 8-month-old baby from a struggling couple’s home, leading them to alert the authorities immediately. The neighbors became suspicious when they saw the financially distressed couple acquire an iPhone, coinciding with the mysterious disappearance of their infant son. Confronted by concerned community members, the mother finally confessed to the unimaginable truth – they had sold their own child for money!

Couple Sells Baby for iPhone

The heart-wrenching revelation also hinted at the father’s attempt to sell their seven-year-old daughter. The couple’s motivation for such an appalling act? They used the money not for essential needs but for extravagant trips across various parts of West Bengal to create attention-grabbing Instagram reels. Such a horrifying reality serves as a stark reminder of the deep-rooted struggles faced by some in India, where instances of parents resorting to selling their children out of desperation have been witnessed before. As the investigation delves deeper into this dystopian tale, society grapples with the unthinkable consequences of extreme poverty and misguided priorities.

The Discovery?

Interestingly, the couple’s neighbors were the ones to raise the alarm. The neighbors in the Panihati Gandhinagar neighborhood became suspicious. They noticed the absence of the child. Suddenly couple’s demeanor had abruptly changed.

Days previously, the pair was having trouble making ends meet when all of a sudden, they got an iPhone and even traveled around the state to film reels.

When questioned by their neighbors about the location of the infant, the couple acknowledged selling their kid for cash.

Similar Incidences Around the World

Instances of disturbing incidents like the one (Couple Sells Baby to Buy iPhone) in West Bengal are sadly not isolated occurrences. Around the world, equally shocking and bizarre stories have come to light, shedding light on the darker side of human behavior:

In 2016, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded in China when a desperate couple reportedly sold their 18-day-old newborn daughter for a mere $3,530. Their motive was to raise funds to purchase the coveted iPhone, a symbol of luxury and status.

More recently, in March of another year, an Australian court uncovered a woman’s shocking desire to trade her unborn child for an iPhone. The revelation came to light during the investigation of an unfortunate incident where the woman had left her two daughters unattended in a car for over nine hours, leading to a devastating outcome – the tragic demise of her young children.

These unsettling cases serve as grim reminders of the lengths some individuals are willing to go to satisfy material desires or cope with dire situations. They highlight the need for greater awareness and compassion in society, urging us to address the underlying issues that lead to such distressing events.

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