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Kolkata and Howrah Traffic Chaos Amid Tribal Protest Rally

On September 29, when hundreds of tribal activists marched upon the twin cities for a protest demonstration, traffic in Kolkata and Howrah came to a complete stop. The early morning event, which was organized by many tribal outfits, caused severe traffic congestion that trapped and irritated commuters. Tribal protesters began to arrive by train at Howrah and Sealdah stations as early as 8 a.m., contributing to the turmoil that was already raging on the streets.

The traffic police in Howrah and Kolkata seemed unprepared for the size of the march, which effectively paralyzed the cities during prime business hours. Commuters who were looking for a pleasant trip to their offices instead encountered endless traffic jams and had to wait for hours to get there. The tribal groups departed from Sealdah and Howrah stations on their distinct journeys, arriving in different areas of the city. Those traveling from Howrah crossed the renowned Howrah Bridge. Including Brabourne Road, Strand Road, RN Mukherjee Road, and Bentick Street on their itinerary.

Traffic Chaos in Kolkata

Kolkata and Howrah Traffic Chaos Amid Tribal Protest Rally

The party traveling from Sealdah traveled along AJC Bose Road, via the Moulali crossing. And along SN Banerjee Road before arriving at their appointed meeting place on Rani Rashmoni Avenue. The traffic infrastructure in Kolkata completely broke down as a result of this enormous flood of demonstrators and their well-planned routes. And the situation remained far into the afternoon.

Authorities struggled throughout the day to restore order and relieve the traffic. But it was a difficult effort given the sheer volume of tribal activists on the streets. The Kurmi community’s protest against being classified as a Scheduled Tribe (ST) was the most prominent of the several requests made by the tribal communities. The organization representing the Adivasi people has promised to keep protesting until their demands are met.

Rush Hours Problem

Howrah Traffic Chaos Amid Tribal Protest Rally

During office hours in Kolkata and Howrah, traffic congestion can reach severe levels. Leading to lengthy delays and frustrating commutes for residents and workers alike. These two major cities in West Bengal, India, are known for their densely populated areas and heavy traffic. The traffic jams are exacerbated by narrow roads, inadequate infrastructure, and a high volume of vehicles. Both cities have a burgeoning workforce, and many commuters rely on private vehicles, adding to the congestion. The Protest caused more chaos in this humid weather.

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