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Private Schools in UP Shut on August 8

In accordance with the directives issued by the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Schools Association (UPSA), private educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh that are affiliated with esteemed boards such as CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board, have collectively taken the decision to suspend their operations on the 8th of August. This unified step is taken as an expression of solidarity and support for a wrongfully apprehended principal and teacher. The teacher, who is tragically embroiled in a distressing incident that occurred in Azamgarh. The collaborative effort by these private schools stands as a poignant testament to their commitment to justice and due process.

The matter

In a display of unity and support, private schools across Uttar Pradesh that are affiliated with prestigious education boards such as CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board will observe a day of closure on August 8. This decision has been collectively taken by the Unaided Private School Association (UPSA), UP. The educational community watches the case develop while waiting for new information and the findings of the investigation.

This move stands as a poignant gesture in the wake of a distressing incident in Azamgarh. Where a young girl student tragically jumped off a school building. The private schools aim to raise awareness about the importance of ensuring student safety and well-being. It is a commitment to uphold the standards of education and prioritize the security of students within the educational ecosystem.

UPSA Supports The Principal and Teacher Who Were Arrested

The UPSA is pushing for a comprehensive inquiry into the situation involving the deceased student and only demands accountability if the allegations against the principal and instructor are supported by evidence.

The administrator and instructor were detained on suspicion of murder after the student’s family complained that the school administration had harassed the student.

Absence of any government Order

Private Schools

Private schools are closing, although there is no official government directive requiring the break. The state’s public schools will operate as usual.

Despite the absence of an official government directive mandating closures, private schools are making the decision to suspend operations. In contrast, state-funded public schools are continuing to function without disruption. This divergence in approach highlights the complex dynamics within the education sector. Where private institutions are navigating challenges that prompt temporary closures, while their public counterparts maintain regular operations.

The Private Schools Should Be Contacted By Students And Parents

Private school parents and students are asked to get in touch with their particular institutions to learn more about the status of the August 8 closure. The educational community watches the case develop while waiting for new information and the findings of the investigation. The UPSA’s decision to support the detained principal and teacher is a noteworthy display of unity among Uttar Pradesh’s private schools.

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